How To Create Compelling Email Marketing Subject Lines

How To Create Compelling Email Marketing Subject Lines

Email marketing is a vital investment for every business. It yields the most consistently high conversion rates across all digital marketing platforms. Experts often attribute the high conversion rate to the fact that the company sending emails already has the receivers’ trust. One of the foremost determining factors of whether the receiver opens the email or not is the subject line. Explore how to create compelling email marketing subject lines.

Keep It Simple

While there is no set number of characters for an ideal email marketing subject line, the key is to not get cut off or truncated. Make sure your subject line describes what the email is about in an honest and easy-to-digest way.

The email’s subject line should make it clear what the receiver is getting from the email by accurately representing its contents.

One of the common pitfalls of email marketing campaigns is over-promising in the subject line and under-delivering in the email. For example, a subject line that says “70 percent off coupon inside” should accompany an email with an actual, usable 70 percent off coupon, or the business may lose the reader’s trust.

Play With Personalization

Personalization works for some companies but doesn’t make much of a difference for others. Even a slight rise in conversion rate can make personalizing email subject lines worth the effort.

Consider putting the customer’s name in the subject line. Adding the name grabs their attention as it’s a word they will pay attention to.

Continuously Test

Testing is central to a successful email marketing campaign. Testing lets you know what does and does not work for your customers. When testing subject lines, measure success by what gets opened by the receivers. 

Pro Tip: A 20 percent open rate is healthy. Companies should aim to have a 20 percent open rate overall.

Suppose that a company regularly experiences less than a 10 percent open rate. In that case, something is wrong, and there is a risk that emails are not getting to inboxes. If this sounds similar to what your business is experiencing, contact Logical Position right away.

The best way to perform this type of test is to segment 20 percent of your audience and send them different variations of subject lines. Whatever experiences the highest open rate should be sent to the remaining 80 percent of your email list.

Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience is essential in email marketing, just as it is with social media advertising. Segmenting your audience means your customers will be more inclined to engage with your brand. When companies tailor emails to their consumers’ needs, customers are much more likely to open and convert.

The subject line is a small yet fundamental part of email marketing. While the sender matters, the subject line is what makes the real difference in a higher open rate. For managed email marketing services, contact Logical Position.

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