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How To Optimize Your Responsive Display Ads

How To Optimize Your Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display advertisements are somewhat controversial among business owners. While the ads aren’t very aesthetically pleasing or “on-brand,” they have proven effective.

Responsive display ads typically optimize themselves without the need for adjustments. But there are ways to aid the optimization process to ensure your ads look and perform as well as possible. Learn more about how to optimize your responsive display ads.


When creating a baseline for responsive display ads, you need options for headlines. You don’t usually have control over which ad uses which headline, but you can oversee the headline options. Follow these tips:

  • Provide only quality headlines.
  • Use proper grammar.
  • Focus on the product and immediate attention-grabbers.

Concise, product-focused headlines tend to perform better than cryptic or wordy ones.


Images are another feature of your ad. Like headlines, you can’t choose which image pairs with which ad, but you can control the image options. The ad won’t always look on-brand or high in quality because of the ad type, but using quality images helps capture user attention. Here are some tips:

  • Use original images.
  • Keep the product the primary focus, and don’t use distracting backgrounds.
  • Get rid of all image overlays and overlay logos.

Images are crucial to the success of a responsive display ad. They must highlight the product so you see the best possible conversions.


Logos are necessary for ads so users can gain brand awareness. Logos are essential for responsive display ads because of the nature of their appearance. Building any trust you can with the consumer is vital to creating conversions.

  • Avoid logo overlays.
  • Provide multiple logo design and size options.
  • Trust Google’s optimization process to use the logo that best suits the ad and yield results.

While most of the time, Google optimizes your responsive display ads for you, there are a few things you can do to help the process along. It’s important to note that responsive display ads aren’t meant to be attractive, flashy, on-brand methods of reaching customers. These ads are designed to get results, and they regularly do.

For more information on responsive display ads or for professional local PPC management, contact Logical Position. We are a Google Premier Partner and are well-versed in all Google ad types. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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