How To Track E-Commerce PPC ROI

How To Track E-Commerce PPC ROI

E-commerce is a tricky business to break into. The competition is fierce, but the rewards of success are immense. Investing in marketing for your e-commerce business is a must if you want to keep up with and even surpass your competition. One way to invest is in pay-per-click marketing on Google. If you decide to invest in PPC, check out these tips on how to track e-commerce PPC ROI.

Use an Analytics Platform for Tracking

While Google Analytics has a built-in tracking pixel that is effective for use on optimization, using an analytics platform such as Google Analytics is the best option for tracking PPC return on investment. It is vital to have a trustworthy data flow source to develop a bigger-picture understanding of how each of your channels is doing and how each contributes to revenue.

Tag Correctly To Differentiate Paid and Nonpaid

Ensure that you are tagging correctly. One of the most common mistakes is improperly tagging emails.

It’s vital to differentiate between paid and non-paid ads. Google auto-tags everything, but there are many manual overrides a person can potentially make. Any tweaks made open opportunities for an issue to arise.

Pay Attention To Attribution

When you invest in PPC ads through Google, you must select your attribution model. There is no one correct answer when choosing an attribution model. There are many different lenses to measure the same thing. Most of Google Analytics uses a last-non-direct click attribution model, but it’s vital to see your ROI from multiple perspectives to gain a fuller understanding of your traffic’s buy-cycle.

For example, using last click, first click, time decay, and all on-the-path revenue attribution, you can see what the channel is doing and how everything fits within it.

How Logical Position Can Help

Logical Position is a full-service digital marketing agency offering omnichannel growth for businesses of all sizes. Our omnichannel search team dedicates their time to communicating and tracking where our clients’ ROI is at.

When choosing an e-commerce PPC management, it is essential to find one with a deep understanding of what a holistic perspective brings to a marketing campaign. Here at Logical Position, we prioritize our clients’ needs and focus on a complete picture approach to our campaigns. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.


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