How To Use Google Search Console To Improve SEO

How To Use Google Search Console To Improve SEO

Search engine optimization is a beneficial digital marketing form. It works to boost your website’s ranking for certain targeted keywords, increasing organic online visibility. Improving the SEO on your website is advantageous to any company—but did you know you can use Google Search Console to improve your SEO efforts?

Learn more about how to use Google Search Console to improve SEO on your business’s website.

Basics of Search Console

It’s not uncommon to lack familiarity with Search Console, formerly known as “Webmaster Tools.” It comes with a navigation tool on the left side of it, and it allows the user to look at specific URLs. This allows for a lot of motion.

  • You can see if the URL is a 404.
  • You can request indexing for the URL.
  • You can see if it is already indexed.
  • It communicates any errors that need to be fixed.
  • It provides soft warnings that, while not urgent, need to be addressed.
  • You can submit the sitemap.

Search Console is a valuable tool that offers many benefits. When using it to better SEO efforts, using the performance and search results yield the best results.

Pro Tip: Leverage the data by using what you know based on how the website is performing—that should inform the decision-making for optimization of pages. This ranges from title tags to headers to content and more, which all contribute to adjustments for the live site.

Troubleshooting SEO and Utilizing Controls

If you have concerns about your SEO effort impact, Search Console is the perfect place to evaluate and troubleshoot any issues. You can use the time periods function to provide you with a robust sense of if the rankings are going up or down. Keep the seasonality of your products in mind, but looking at impressions year over year, you can see how visible you are and where that started to increase or dip.

This function in Search Console allows you to control your variables on a granular level, filtering out as many elements as you need to give you total control. Using the information can inform what you should target and work toward on the site from a page level based on what the current page is ranking for.

Pro Tip: Check for errors. Ensure you’re showing up on Google and that your sitemap is submitted. A common issue is website owners accidentally hide their site from the Google index.

How an SEO Company Can Help

Logical Position is a digital marketing agency with ample experience in local search engine optimization and more. We utilize Search Console along with other software and programs to design the best SEO plan for your business. We work with our clients as a partner to help them reach their goals.

Our SEO team uses Search Console in multiple ways to benefit our clients. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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