Logical Position Wins Oregon Ethics in Business Award

Logical Position Wins Oregon Ethics in Business Award

The team at Logical Position (LP) is proud to announce our recognition by the Rotary Club of Portland at its 2019 Oregon Ethics in Business Awards. LP was honored for upholding high ethical standards and how well we integrate them into all aspects of the company.



This award was given to LP, in part, due to the efforts our leadership team makes to uphold our company values. The efforts our A.C.E.S. committees have made to drive community service participation and promote environmental awareness contributed to this award win as well.

We strive to provide the best possible customer service experience while fulfilling our mission to grow businesses around the world with industry-leading digital strategies. In addition, we put in work to foster and develop the relationships we hold with our employees, ensuring their needs are met.


Mike Rosenberg, Chairman of the Board of the Oregon Ethics in Business Committee, calls LP’s award win a “well-deserved recognition.” He goes on to describe the agency as “an inspiration to the organizing community.”

Close-up of Logical Position's 2019 Ethics in Business Award.

At the awards banquet on May 22nd, our leadership team mingled with other community members and enjoyed a keynote speech from local, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nigel Jaquiss. Learning about the vital differences between doing what is publicly acceptable and doing what is right, our leaders left feeling reinvigorated and inspired to continue working towards improving our practices.

Ethics in business, to us, is incredibly important. It’s the reason we started this company.

“Ethics in business, to us, is incredibly important. It’s the reason we started this company,” says LP Founder and Co-CEO Michael Weinhouse. He continues, “Before Logical Position, I worked at digital marketing agencies that didn’t disclose to the clients where their advertising dollars were going. And I think had they known how much money was going towards the management fee, they wouldn’t have been very happy.”

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