The Basics of a Google Sponsored Promotions Campaign

The Basics of a Google Sponsored Promotions Campaign

Once a company is ready for growth, there are many things it can try out to increase reach, brand awareness, and conversions. Learning more about the basics of a Google-sponsored promotions campaign will provide a leg up on the competition.

What Is a Google Sponsored Promotions Campaign?

A Google-sponsored promotions campaign, or a GSP, is often called email ads. They are critical because they target users’ inboxes—a valuable piece of digital real estate.

GSP’s live in discovery campaign in Google Ads. When a company opens a discovery campaign, it can then target Gmail as a placement or convert website ads to show up in inboxes.

Getting Started

Getting started with a GSP campaign is easy with the proper steps and attention. It’s vital to pay attention to image assets and how the company is communicating its personality and purpose.

Image Assets

An absolutely essential part of setting up a GSP campaign is prioritizing the image assets you want to show users in the actual email. When it comes to email, focusing on the attention-grabbing parts of the ad is critical. Create compelling images that fit well within the confines of an email, both on desktop and on mobile—the majority of people check their email exclusively on mobile devices.

Communicating Properly

Communicating your company’s purpose and objective in a manner that is easy for users to digest is another piece of the puzzle that can make or break your results. Clearly and concisely summarize your company and the purpose of the email in your subject line—the subject line is a significant factor in your open rate.


Every ad format comes with its advantages, but here are a few that are unique to GSP campaigns:

  • You can target audiences without the need to build an email list
  • It is an effective prospecting tool
  • It brings better brand awareness and a quick injection of traffic
  • It is perfect for the expansion of a customer base
  • There is minimal downtime during the setup process when professionals set it up


When setting up GSP campaigns, it’s crucial to understand who is most valuable to target. Setting up audiences helps to segment and get your email in front of the perfect people. The goal is to get as close to the bullseye as possible. Layering on remarketing audiences or even targeting people who previously visited your site can help you achieve this. Using Similar Audiences is another good tool.

The best way to target audiences with the highest value and potential for your business is to hire a professional agency to analyze your data and tweak your audiences as needed to stay in front of the right people.

How Logical Position Helps

At Logical Position, we have mastered the basics of a Google-sponsored promotions campaign. Running it for yourself is a risk because there are many small settings and intricate opportunities to make an error that could lead to bad ripple effects on your campaign.

Our PPC lead generation team is experienced and knows precisely which ad formats are supported and which are not a valuable use of resources. As a Google Premier Partner agency, we have a direct line of communication with Google, so we have inside information about changes in the format and direct aid for any issues that pop up.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you allocate your resources and grow your business.

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