The Best Way To Grow Your Social Media Presence

The Best Way To Grow Your Social Media Presence

Brands are beginning to put a significant emphasis on their social media presence. These days, nearly every person is on social media in some form. Social media brings the broadest available audience and presents new ways to build a meaningful connection with customers. If you’re considering getting started, learn the best way to grow your social media presence.

Create a Plan

Start by creating a plan. Every brand must decide the best approach for posting organic content. It is vital to approach each post with intention. There are many great online tools to help build a content calendar where your brand can plan posts ahead of time, and even schedule them to post automatically.

A social media presence solidifies how companies portray themselves online and how they interact with their customers. Businesses benefit from a clearly defined brand image and voice that provides valuable and engaging content specific to their audience.

Identify KPIs and Set Goals

Once a plan is in place, setting realistic goals and identifying key performance indicators make sense. It’s vital to develop a clear understanding of what metrics are most important to your brand and your long-term goals for each social platform. 

Utilize Tools

Each platform provides some fundamental insight tools to help brands evaluate which posts perform the best. Utilize these tools often to understand how users engage with your posts. These indicators allow you to adjust your posting types and times for the best possible results.

Build a Brand

Building a brand is how companies can genuinely provide users with an opportunity to connect with them meaningfully. Here are some tips:

  • Create a brand guide for the voice and guidelines. Followers want consistency with brand voices and postings, so there is a discernable personality.
  • Use personality in posts. Users do not want to feel like the brand’s posts lack emotion or personality—be human. Identify what you believe in as a company and share those thoughts with the world.
  • Share videos from founders or other employees to bring additional, tangible personalities to help followers become attached to the company.
  • Tell your brand’s story.
  • Have good customer service and build relationships with customers.
  • Respond to comments on paid and organic posts. Doing this shows you care individually about each person interacting with the posts.
  • Don’t change your profile image too often. Users will associate your photo with your company. Consider using your logo or something in your signature color scheme.

Connect With Your Audience

Creating a connection with your audience is the best way to gain followers, a presence on social media, and customer loyalty. Here are some ways to create that substantial connection.

  • Interact with your audience. Respond to their posts or reply to their comments on your posts.

Each post-interaction sends a signal to the algorithm that people are engaging with the post, which leads to your post reaching wider audiences.

  • Learn more about your audience. Speak directly to that audience.

The goal of your posts should always be to create content that your core audience enjoys—not that appeals to the general population.

  • Encourage customers to create content. Send them shoutouts in your posts and stories when they do.

Posting their content demonstrates to your current following that you will share their posts about your business. It does so by working toward the goal of creating a flywheel around user-generated content that incentivizes others to generate more.

Build a Following

While social media presence is partially about posting, building a following leads to sustainable engagement. Here are some tips for building a following:

  • Aim to bring value and entertain your followers as a priority. People follow brands to be entertained—not to get educated about the product.
  • Work to develop creative ways to entertain and provide value while presenting your product as a solution to a problem your followers currently have.
  • Set a goal to get your followers to tell their friends about your posts and page. The value of word of mouth is exponential.
  • Place follow buttons for each social media profile on your website’s home page, in order confirmation pages, and in emails sent out to your customers.
  • Send free products to influencers to get them to post about your product and drive new followers to your page.

Grow Engagement

One of the best ways to grow engagement is to start engaging more with your followers. Respond to all comments on your posts and work to build a sense of community.

Try asking questions to your followers on posts to encourage users to comment and interact. Consider running polls and content on your brand’s page that enables users to interact with your company and get a conversation going. You can use these audiences of users who commented on a post or visited your site to run targeted paid ads.

Pro Tip: Staying up to date on trends is essential—posting out-of-date trends can deter your audience. There are many online resources to keep up on, but the best way to stay on trend is to use the platform regularly and observe how your audience is using it.

Posting Types

There are different posting types to choose from depending on the platform you choose to focus your efforts on. There is no true one answer for the best kind of post to use—this widely differs based on platform and business type. As a rule of thumb, try to post multiple ad formats and monitor how your followers engage with each piece of content. Use that data to decide which formats are most beneficial going forward.

Paid ads are a great way to increase brand awareness and communicate the brand’s value to the most relevant users. Although the primary intention of these ads is typically to drive traffic to your company’s website, there is the added benefit of increasing your page’s followers in the process.

How an Agency Can Help

While growing your organic social media presence is often something companies must do alone, investing in paid social media advertisements can be a real asset. We encourage our paid social media advertising clients to build their brand on social media through organic posts at Logical Position. At the same time, we work to boost their sales and brand awareness via paid content.

Contact us today for more information on getting started with the best way to grow your social media presence. Our experts here at Logical Position can help you learn more about what a social media advertising company can do for your brand’s social media presence.

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