Top 5 Reasons To Outsource PPC Management

Top 5 Reasons To Outsource PPC Management

For many companies, PPC campaigns are often thrown to the side and treated like another checkbox on a long to-do list. These top five reasons to outsource PPC management will uncover a number of opportunities your business may be missing and can easily capitalize on.   

1. Time

PPC management companies provide AdWords users with a high level of knowledge, strategy, and hands-on management to keep campaigns running efficiently. By outsourcing PPC management, users save themselves hours of tinkering with campaigns and teaching themselves how to navigate and execute successful strategies in AdWords.

Chances are, the title “AdWords Mastermind and Manager” isn’t in your job description, but somehow, the responsibility landed in your lap. A profitable AdWords account requires time and effort, and when you have a full plate of pre-existing responsibilities, it’s nearly impossible to dedicate the realistic amount of work a successful account needs.

Hiring a Google AdWords agency is a great solution when there’s no time for you to effectively manage your company’s campaigns. Rather than wasting time (and money), you’ll be able to work directly with your management company to assess what your company needs from the AdWords account, then your expert digital marketing team will execute the strategy. You can feel confident knowing your AdWords is in good hands and even better, you can get back to your real work!

2. Expertise

Trusting an outsider with your company’s AdWords account can be a bit unnerving. Lucky for you, Google created the Premier Partner program to ensure AdWords users access to a pool of top-tier expertise to get the best out of the AdWords platform. Google Premier Partners are required to meet a high standard of criteria regarding knowledge, client account performance, and overall company performance so you can trust your campaigns are under good supervision. 

Google Premier Partner company

Hiring a team of certified AdWords experts will give you a leg-up on results-driven strategies and best practices to drive campaign performance, but be cautious when finding those experts. Not all PPC agencies are as qualified as they might lead you to believe, so look for the Google Premier Partner badge when looking for a reliable company to work with. To make your research process easy, check out our blog to learn the red flags to be cautious of when finding an AdWords management company.

To ensure your account will be in the hands of true AdWords experts, look through Google’s curated list of Premiere Partner companies to find an honest company you can trust to grow your campaigns.


3. Save Budget

A good AdWords management company will approach your campaigns with the mindset of transforming your starting budget into a consistent stream of revenue. Without a proper understanding of the platform, your budget can easily disappear in the blink of an eye. 

For example, under the “Keywords” tab within a desired campaigns and/or ad group, you’ll find your “Search terms report.” The Search terms report is where you can see the exact searches people are typing into Google that trigger your ad to show, and result in a click.

Look through your search terms report to identify areas of wasted spend.

Let’s say, you’re advertising gold pocket watches and you spent $50 on clicks with no sales. Your search terms report might show you that the people clicking your gold pocket watch ad are actually searching for “gold pocket knifes” and you’ve lost that $50 to completely irrelevant searches.

This example is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to areas of wasted spend in AdWords. An outside PPC management company comes with the appropriate skills to work directly with your business goals and your budget to create a custom strategy designed to utilize your marketing dollars to the best of their abilities.

4. Resources

AdWords relies on innovative strategies and a collaboration of ideas from multiple perspectives, so having multiple resources is vital to the performance of your campaigns. For a team of one, multiple perspectives are harder to come by.

When you outsource PPC management, you are getting a whole team of eyes and brains on your account. Since PPC management companies are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to handle accounts of all shapes and sizes, your campaigns will be within an environment of top-notch resources and varying levels of expertise to find the best solutions to help your campaigns succeed.

Google Premier Partner company, Logical Position, recieving hands-on training from Google employees.

As mentioned above, scan Google’s list of Premiere Partner companies to find a certified company linked to the best resource possible — Google. The account management staff of Premier Partner companies receive regular, hands-on training directly from Google, to ensure your account is managed well. You can rest assured knowing your campaigns will be managed according to Google’s best practices and are prepared to successfully take on any new or future changes in the platform.

5. Growth

Outsourcing PPC to your own team of Google AdWords experts can be the gateway to immense growth for your business as a whole. Paid Search falls under the umbrella of digital marketing, along with marketing strategies like SEO and web design. PPC management agencies are often well-versed in the digital marketing industry as a whole and may offer insight on other areas of your company’s marketing strategy to contribute to the growth of your business.

AdWords is multidimensional, and its performance is affected by a number of outside factors that all work together. For example, you have a high click through rate (CTR) but your conversion rate is low. A proficient team of AdWords specialists will look at your website and data within Google Analytics to pinpoint areas of your marketing strategy that need help in order to improve performance in AdWords. They might find, the request for quote button you’re tracking as a conversion doesn’t stand out, and that could be causing people to scroll right passed it.

Depending on the company you choose to work with, they can assist you with this change or simply recommend a better solution to help the profitability of your campaigns. In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for your Internet marketing platforms to have a strong foundation — and outsourcing PPC management can get you there.


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