Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce PPC Campaign

Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce PPC Campaign

E-commerce is a bustling business that can feel like an endless battle to keep up with the competition. One way you can get ahead is by investing in an expertly run PPC (pay-per-click) campaign tailored to your unique needs as an e-commerce company. Check out some ways to improve your e-commerce PPC campaign here.

Establish a Clear Goal

Establishing a clear goal for your PPC campaign is the first step to increasing its effectiveness. You need to know what you’re working toward to properly optimize the account. Here are some starting points:

  • Define what success looks like in your PPC campaign.
  • Decide if you want to see growth.
  • Decide if efficiency is the main point.

Knowing your goal helps you determine a good ROAS (return on ad spend) goal.

Set Up Tracking Correctly

A PPC campaign is only as effective as its tracking. Ensure your tracking is properly set up, as getting the most accurate data possible is vital. Without accurate tracking, the optimizations you make may not help you reach the goal you defined for your account. Clean data is needed to bring confidence to your decision-making.

Check the Account Structure

Build out everything in your account structure in a way that makes sense. The best option is to build your campaign in a segmented way that works for your business. For example, a company can segment by brand, product type, price, and more. Segmenting helps companies take a granular approach and adds an opportunity to leverage for more control and better insights.

Test, Test, Test

There are always ways to increase the performance of your PPC campaigns. To get more people to your site and ultimately get them to convert at a higher rate, run tests on things such as landing pages, ad copy, headlines, ad types, and extensions. If you can increase the traffic to your site and the conversion rate without increasing bids, that’s a significant accomplishment.

Focus on Landing Page Experience

The PPC ads a business runs are only a part of the equation. The brand’s website needs to offer a seamless experience for users to convert. Here are a few tips to improve the convertibility of your site:

  • Use language from the search query report on your landing page—speak the language that people who are searching for you use.
  • Use clear calls-to-action—tell the user exactly what you want them to do.
  • Focus on user experience—make using your website easy and thoughtless.

Doing these increases relevance and leads to a higher-quality score and potentially lower costs per click.

How Logical Position Helps

  • We maximize the use of pay-per-click dollars with Google Ads for E-Commerce.
  • We provide a knowledgeable team of PPC experts dedicated to generating sales.
  • We offer FeedLogic Integration, Merchant Center support, call analytics and recordings, and remarketing ads.
  • You own the Google Ads Account—we want you to have complete control regardless of where your marketing journey takes you.

Here at Logical Position, we prioritize the needs of our clients and dedicate ourselves to helping you succeed. Contact us today for a free consultation on our services as a professional e-commerce PPC agency. Allow us the opportunity to show you our proven ways to improve your e-commerce PPC campaign.


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