What It Takes To Be a Google Ads Premier Partner

What It Takes To Be a Google Ads Premier Partner

Many digital marketing agencies strive to meet the achievement of becoming a Google Ads Premier Partner agency. There are plenty of perks that come with this status, including industry information and recommendations from a Google team. Learn what it takes to be a Google Ads Premier Partner from Logical Position, a long-time partner.

Ad Spend Requirements

Google requires their Premier Partner agencies to have a minimum amount of spend across the clients they are managing. The current ad spend requirement for a Google Partner badge is a 90-day ad spend of 10,000 USD across all managed accounts.

Education Requirements

Google also requires a certain amount of Google certifications among a Partner agency’s registered ads managers. They require a minimum of 50 percent of the team members that are working on the Ads manager account are certified in Google Ads. This is capped at 100 users and they allow you to clarify which email addresses belong to ad manager members. For example, if there is an email address used for a billing team member or another team that is not working on accounts, you can deselect that user and not have them count towards your total number of registered ad managers.  Additionally, at least one certification in each product area with campaign spend is also required—for example, Search, Video, Apps, Shopping, or Display product areas.

Optimization Score Requirements

The minimum Agency optimization score requirement is something that will change starting in February of 2022. From that point on, Google Partner agencies will be required to maintain a minimum performance optimization score of 70 percent for their managed client center (MCC). Your current MCC optimization score can be seen in the Recommendations section of your MCC.  Agencies can maintain control over this score by applying or dismissing recommendations based on individual expertise and client goals.

The new partner program prioritizes these three requirements for Google Premier Partners. Logical Position recommends focusing on prioritizing education, investigating your top optimization score opportunity areas, and evaluating which recommendations make the most sense for your clients on an individual basis.

As a Google Premier Partner agency, we enjoy additional educational opportunities and insights into our team, plus additional industry information that we can pass on to our clients. We are experts at PPC lead generation and much more. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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