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How Adaptive Driving Access Saw An 80% Increase In Monthly Conversions

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Adaptive Driving Access (ADA) provides the largest inventory of wheelchair-accessible vans in all of Texas. As a brick-and-mortar business based in Pasadena, Texas, the company provides its customers with a wide range of adaptive products to make getting from one place to another more comfortable, including lowered floor minivans, fullsize vans, hand controls, and mobility and transfer seats. The company is making transportation easier and less stressful for thousands of people living with a disability or injury.

Key Metrics

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Decrease in Cost-Per-Acquisition

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Conversions in One Year

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Increase in Monthly Conversions

The Problem

ADA’s storefront had allowed the company to generate most of their business organically over the years. As the accessibility marketplace became more crowded, they decided to break into the online advertising space in order to remain competitive. They started by running Google Ads on their own, and after 9 years of advertising attempts, the company realized it was time to turn to the pros. ADA decided to outsource their digital marketing efforts to an agency in the hope that the agency could produce results, and articulate those achievements to ADA in an easy to understand format. That’s where Logical Position (LP) comes in.

Case Study - Adaptive Driving Access

“Working with Logical Position has grown our online presence substantially, and we have seen a massive increase in the number of qualified leads that actually turn into sales. This partnership has allowed us to focus more on business operations, because we know that Logical Position has our marketing covered!”

-Mike Murphy, Owner of Adaptive Driving Access

The Strategy

The LP team created Google Ads campaigns for ADA and optimized them for granularity. We began by splitting campaigns into two categories: Van Sales and Van Rentals. These areas of the business had vastly different levels of profitability, so separating them would give us greater control of the ad spend and bid strategies. We went even further by segmenting campaigns based on the brand of van, since some brands were considered a higher priority to advertise. Next, we established location targeting and created a radius around ADA’s Pasadena locations, in order to ensure we were showing ads to the consumers who were closest to the business and most likely to convert. Finally, we honed in on device spending by optimizing the amount being spent on mobile devices, and pushing more spend toward desktop users that are farther along in the sales journey.


Adaptive Driving Access - Increase Conversions

In one year, we’ve earned nearly as many conversions as ADA was able to earn in nine years. All while decreasing the cost of each lead by $70.

In 9 years, ADA spent $119,754 on Google Ads, which produced 700 total conversions at an average cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of $171. In ADA’s one year partnership with Logical Position, they’ve spent $49,054 for 485 conversions at an average CPA of $101. We’ve increased ADA’s monthly conversions by 80% since they started working with us.

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