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all the babies Increases Their Organic Traffic with Logical Position

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all the babies is a company designed ethically and sustainably in California. all the babies is a European-inspired baby and adult clothing brand with a mission to give back to babies in need.

They work with small, family-owned businesses in the Los Angeles area to bring their clothes to life. all the babies is proud to say that they manufacture and produce all their clothing with GOTS-certified organic cotton, use low impact dyes, have 100% recyclable packaging, offer competitive pricing for the quality we offer, and of course, give back.

Key Metrics

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Increase in First Page Keywords

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Increase in Ranking Keywords

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Increase in Revenue

“Logical Position has truly helped grow my business organically through key SEO strategies, backlinks, data analytics, keywords, and more. I can tell how much they not only care about my business but ensure that I, as the owner, continue to see a positive impact from their services. I have grown over 200% since working with Logical Position—my Google search position is ranking so much higher and is now on the first page, and we aren’t even doing any paid advertising to get there. I have noticed an increase in organic traffic, new customers, customer retention, and more. The clothing space is already so saturated, especially the baby clothing space, so to know that I am now a top contender as a small business in an overly competitive market makes me so grateful for all that Logical Position has done for my business and website. I cannot wait to see how I continue to grow. After the three-month mark, I really started to notice consistent growth, and now it just keeps getting better. I look forward to my monthly review calls because they are always filled with good news—a special shout out to Paige for always going above and beyond for me! I am truly grateful for Logical Position.”

– Jenny Drew, Co-Founder & CEO of all the babies


  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase site speed
  • To increase brand awareness
Case Study - all the babies


all the babies provides ethical and sustainable adult and baby clothing with a European-inspired style. To help reach the client’s goals of increasing overall organic traffic and keyword rankings, LP’s main focus was to optimize the website’s highest traffic pages with relevant keywords and unique content, as well as create blogs and offsite pieces to help increase the site’s domain authority. LP also performed a website technical audit to ensure every page on the site is following SEO best practices and fixed any technical issues that may be harming the site from ranking appropriately.


In February 2020, all the babies partnered with Logical Position for five hours of SEO consulting. Then in April 2020, they hired LP for a National – Basic SEO campaign. Due to budget constraints, all the babies had to cancel their partnership with LP in September 2020. However, a month after canceling their service, they came back after realizing how their results positively impacted their business with the help of SEO.

Since working together, all the babies has experienced incredible growth in numerous areas. LP was able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic, and they helped all the babies continue to grow throughout the campaign. Comparing year-over-year growth from March 2020 to March 2021, all the babies’ keywords have grown 3,340% from March 2020 to March 2021 (10 to 344). When comparing first page keywords, there was an increase of 1,800% from March 2020 with 1 keyword to March 2021 with 19 keywords.


10 Keywords
0 in Top 3 Positions

March 2020

1 First Page

March 2020

344 Keywords
6 in Top 3 Positions

March 2021

19 First Page

March 2021

Targeted Keywords

From March 2020 to March 2021

Not Ranking 9th Position

“organic vegan baby clothes”

90 searches per month

Not Ranking 55th Position

“sustainable baby clothes”

720 searches per month

33rd 9th Position

“organic baby basics”

20 searches per month

Based on Google Analytics data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from March 2020 to March 2021. all the babies saw a 580% increase in users to its site (164 to 1,115), an 560% increase in new users (155 to 1,023), a 599% increase in sessions (229 to 1,594), and revenue increased 245%.


March 2020
March 2021
all the babies - Analytics 1


Increase in Users

all the babies - Analytics 2


Increase in New Users

all the babies - Analytics 3


Increase in Sessions

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Increase in Transactions

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