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How LP Helped Anthem Sports Blow the Competition Away

Monthly Ad Spend: $60,000

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Anthem Sports is in the business of helping customers build champions. Likewise, Logical Position saw an opportunity to create a winning season, and beyond, for their business. A small company with big ideas, Anthem has thrived as a sports and playground equipment distributor, with larger specialty orders placed by schools, municipalities, coaches, athletic directors, and youth leagues. Yet, Anthem Sports isn’t simply another online sports store. While they do offer notable brands in athletic equipment and gear, they’re also in the business of equipping stadiums, playing fields, and gymnasiums. The latter can involve big-ticket items like bleachers, goal posts, gym floor coverings, crowd control barriers, and more.

Key Metrics

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Rise in Transactions

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Increase in Revenue

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Rise in Return-On-Ad-Spend

Case Study - Anthem Sports

“Logical Position helped reposition us for the better. While the past two years were a challenge, LP gave us a new direction in our online marketing strategy, doing the research then crafting and re-crafting their approach as needed to stay on top. And they’re always available to talk about current and next steps.”

—Mark Ferrara, Founder and President of Anthem Sports

Operating out of Connecticut, Anthem is a family-owned business founded and run by the ultimate sports lovers. President and founder Mark Ferrara played for the Boston University Terriers, while every member of his immediate family has run, jumped, and kicked their way through their respective sports. This love of the game, or games, extend to their expert staff, who know their stuff on the field and off. Pre-pandemic weekly sales totaled in the thousands of dollars, gained from smaller, individual consumer orders and higher revenue orders from larger businesses and organizations. It’s that kind of core strength that helped Logical Position assist Anthem Sports in weathering the storm.

Why did they choose Logical Position?

Case Study - Anthem Sports

While the pandemic had an impact on sales (school shut-downs were a particular challenge, since that sector was a significant portion of their revenue), the business faced another, bigger handicap. Anthem Sports came to LP after a disappointing performance with their previous marketing agency and a lack of transparency. During our account audit, they were intrigued by our reporting process and their joint account access, so they decided to pursue the partnership.

Our Strategy

To start, we segmented their campaigns by single keyword ad groups to understand which levers to push, and which to pull. From there, we deployed fully automated smart shopping campaigns to capture more volume from bigger purchases where we could warrant lower margins from high revenue items. We optimized the account for seasonality, noting when to make proactive adjustments and bid more aggressively. Next, we adjusted for devices, prioritizing desktop computers after seeing higher conversion rates for their big ticket items.


Case Study - Anthem Sports

Comparing when we first took over the account to now, Anthem Sports has seen improvements across the board. Total ad spend was down 42%, saving valuable budget dollars for the client, while ad efficiencies skyrocketed with a 73% increase in our return on ad-spend (ROAS) to a 9x. Meaning, that for every $1 dollar we spent with Anthem Sports, they returned over $9 in revenue, which grew by 15% despite spending nearly half the budget. Now that’s an anthem we can get behind!

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