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When it comes to appliances, most consumers prefer to repair rather than replace. So in a similar vein, when the repair company Appliance Recovery (AR) reached out to LP to scale their business rather than completely scrap their previous efforts, they got all they bargained for and more. Within three years, their lead generation business exploded geographically (and financially), requiring additional staff to keep up with the demand. This case study offers a roadmap other regional service providers can use to evolve their PPC strategy to meet the shifting needs of their business.

About Appliance Recovery

Appliance Recovery is the premier choice to restore malfunctioning appliances in the greater Arlington, Texas, area. With a team of skilled technicians, AR is experienced in effectively repairing all appliance makes and models from any reputable manufacturer. In a world that shortsightedly prizes “out with the old and in with the new,” the AR staff takes pride in fixing what’s broken.

The team at Logical Position has been instrumental in growing our service territories. This has dramatically affected our operations and ultimately reshaped our business from the ground up. They’ve been both agile and diligent in sculpting our audience, which has enabled us to home in on the most qualified leads for our company.

— Rob Frumkin, Owner/Operator, Appliance Recovery


Improve lead quality

Scale campaign reach

Increase conversion rates

Reduce CPA

Appliance Recovery - Graphic
Appliance Recovery - Graphic

Strategic Recovery

Our team started by segmenting their campaigns by appliance type, location qualifiers, and high-volume service keywords to gain better visibility into their campaigns. We used single keyword ad groups to further monitor efficiencies and identify opportunities to scale the account. We tested headline variations to find what resonated with our audience and used slight barriers of entry (e.g., $129 diagnostic fee) to improve lead quality. Despite a competitive landscape, we analyzed the data alongside client feedback to refine campaigns and eliminate unqualified leads, which led to a surge in bookings.

Just Gimme a Call

From there, we called on our friends at CallRail for verifiable call-tracking to home in on an attribution model that could more accurately track ad spend to conversion origin. With robust tracking systems in place, we monitored call conversions, job outcomes, and reasons for disqualification. This pursuit of perfection enabled us to refine campaigns continuously, ensuring maximum effectiveness and unparalleled results.

Appliance Recovery - Graphic
Appliance Recovery - Graphic

Business Impact

Victims of our own success, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in ad spend in 2023 compared to the two years prior, but that is intentional. As our marketing effectiveness has helped Appliance Recovery ramp up staff to accommodate new business, it’s also allowed us to refine our audience targeting and drive down the cost per acquisition (CPA), alleviating wasted ad budget and reducing overall spend in the process. It’s safe to say at this point, they’ve found the perfect fit for their business.


Our team identified opportunities and expanded service offerings into new regions, achieving 150+ monthly conversions, up from roughly 20 per month the two years prior. Appliance Recovery’s annual revenues skyrocketed by 400% growth (from ~$50k to over $2 million).

  • Expanded service areas
  • Monthly ad spend increased from $1,000 to over $10,000
  • 522% increase in conversions
  • 42% reduction in CPA
Appliance Recovery - Graphic


Appliance Recovery’s transformation from local appliance repair to a multimillion-dollar regional powerhouse is a testament to their trust in the process. It is an example of effective marketing collaboration between agency and client to achieve the desired business outcomes. With performance marketing in the fold, Appliance Recovery is well-equipped to keep homes operating in the Lone Star State.

Tips For Achieving Similar Results

Implement a system to track calls as conversions across all channels to understand leads by conversion path.

Segment campaigns by service to differentiate outcomes. If necessary, separate holiday or seasonal promotions to maintain data integrity.

Identify top-producing channels that drive the highest ROI and double down.

Utilize upfront fees in promotional content to find high-quality leads.

If your digital marketing strategy is due for some routine maintenance or if it’s in need of a full recovery, reach out to our team today for a complimentary, no-obligation account audit and campaign diagnostic review.

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