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How Arcade Belt Co. Leveraged an End-to-End Growth Strategy

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes experience growth pains at various stages of expansion. No matter the elasticity, new approaches are required as goals shift and expectations change. In times of high growth, the budget for new acquisitions can outweigh the bottom line. But when push comes to shove, brands often need to take a holistic approach to understand the full omnichannel impact on the purchasing journey and streamline cross channel communications. This was the case when Arcade Belt Co. onboarded with Logical Position in late 2022.

About Arcade Belt Co.

Arcade Belt Co. designed a line of accessories to function better, last longer, and provide greater comfort. The brand gained popularity for their elasticized, stretchy belts, which provide a secure fit without sacrificing mobility or comfort. Originally a ski and snowboard brand, Arcade Belt Co. has been championed by outdoor enthusiasts and athletes since 2010 and now offers a complete line of stylish and functional accessories that are built to go everywhere and hold up anywhere.

Working with Logical Position has helped us develop a full-funnel approach to our entire marketing ecosystem. We’ve already surpassed our initial growth targets, and it’s rewarding to see our various channels working together toward the same goal. All brands face unlimited opportunities but finite resources. It has been refreshing to work with the team at LP who have taken ownership of the SEO program for Arcade allowing our team to focus on other growth opportunities. This trust between client and agent has directly impacted our ability to seize new opportunities and forecast growth as we look ahead.

— Daniel Ryan, Director of eCommerce, Arcade Belt Co.

Making the Switch

Arcade Belt Co. partnered with LP to make their various marketing channels work in harmony. Results had worn thin with their previous agency, and their team wanted to better understand impact by platform and campaign, to develop a roadmap to reach more buyers through a holistic full-funnel approach. Since working together, our team has been able to demonstrate quantifiable results in a short period of time, which has built trust between our respective entities and ultimately resulted in further collaboration. From regular ad creative brainstorming sessions to audience segmentation reviews and demographic analysis, the budding relationship is just coming to fruition, and the future is bright.

Impressions 42.7M
Clicks 426.3K
Revenue +215%

Strategy and Results

Our team leverages prospecting and advantage plus campaigns at the top of the funnel to expand reach and drive branded search terms. These ad types are authentic in nature and do great at warming cold audiences and moving prospects into our remarketing campaigns on paid search and social. Once they’re in our sales funnel, we use a seven-day click attribution in our conversion campaigns to identify which users are more likely to purchase, rather than just view an ad. This has had a positive result on the cost of traffic driven to Arcade Belt Co.’ website.

Paid Social

Campaign & Ad Performance

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Results (March to December 2023)

Revenue 47.1%
ROAS 45.8%
Impressions 59.8%
Clicks 145.5%
CPM -36.8%
Cost / Purchase -35.4%

Paid Search

In tandem with our paid social prospecting, we segmented the search account by product types and demographics to capture ™ search terms and put Arcade Belt Co. brand in front of more new buyers. With a focus on Google Shopping to leverage buyers in purchase mode, we’ve brought the messaging full circle with remarketing efforts on YouTube to complement paid social campaigns.

Case Study - Arcade Belt Co.

Performance by Campaign Type

Case Study - Arcade Belt Co.

Campaign Performance

Case Study - Arcade Belt Co.

SEO Strategy

After conducting an initial technical audit and diving into the client’s goals and focus for the remainder of the year, we were able to derive a strategy that brought the results we see today. With both onsite and offsite SEO efforts in place, our strategy and content calendar allowed us to grow in the rankings of the SERPs. We additionally leveraged our backlink publisher network to send authoritative signals that added another boost to their organic rankings. These efforts combined made an immediate impact on page 1 of Google. Through our onboarding process and account audit, we identified opportunities to include more keyword targets throughout their website and various product pages. These on-site optimizations made an immediate impact on sitewide lift that has driven Arcade Belt Co.’ product pages up the SERPs.

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Organic Keywords on 1st Page of Google

Case Study - Arcade Belt Co.

Ranked Organic Keywords

Case Study - Arcade Belt Co.

Cinch It Up

It can seem easy when working with highly motivated clients that are eager to jump in feet first, but there’s a lot that goes into establishing a true working relationship between a client and an agency partner. Thankfully, in this case, Arcade Belt Co. knew what they wanted, so our team was able to make quick work out of our initial goals and begin setting our sights on bigger targets to tackle. Most importantly, this has made a direct impact on the operations side of the business, enabling Arcade Belt Co. to focus on new product lines and verticals to continue growing their product offering.

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