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How Avamere Health Services Increased Conversions By 326%

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The Avamere Family of Companies was established in 1995 with the rehabilitation of a single skilled nursing facility. The family-centric approach that Avamere championed was well received, and their senior living facilities expanded to hundreds of locations across 15 states. Today, Avamere Health offers a comprehensive continuum of post-acute care and senior living settings, which provides seniors with a range of healthcare needs and post-retirement options. Their award-winning care enables the elderly to transition to the next phase of life with ease, and gives the retirement community the freedom and comfort they deserve.

In the age of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for the older generation to be in the care of trustworthy facilities. Avamere Health maintains their transparency by offering virtual tours of all of their facilities (meaning, several hundred) on YouTube. Avamere is a nationally recognized rehabilitation center, and they’ve been serving the deaf for over 16 years. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Avamere’s Chief Medical Officer is featured in a series of videos discussing how they’ve adapted, to help people feel more comfortable taking tours and living there.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Conversions Year-Over-Year

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Increase in Conversion Rate

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Increase in Conversions Year-to-Date

Avamere Health came to Logical Position (LP) hoping to expand their brand awareness and increase their lead generation from digital marketing. We began our partnership by focusing on Avamere’s target audience: 45-65 year old adult daughters who are trying to make a retirement home decision for their parents. Secondary audiences include general relatives of someone who is sick or elderly, and people who have a sports-related injury and need rehabilitation.

Our team started by honing our Google Ads call-to-action (CTA) strategy. Based on our target audience, we knew that we wanted our advertisements to speak to the actual decision maker, instead of the incoming resident. Our CTA’s go after Avamere’s goal directly: increasing overall lead volume. We used headlines such as “Schedule A Community Tour Now!” and “Book A Full Service Continuum Of Care For A Loved One.” Some of Avamere’s properties specialize in a specific type of care, such as caring for people who are hard of hearing or deaf—we tailored our CTAs accordingly, in order to pull in the most relevant traffic.

Case Study - Avamere Health

As our partnership with Avamere grew, so did their ad spend. We started with a modest budget of $4,000 while advertising for 10 of Avamere’s locations, and we’ve grown the account to a robust $44,000, while advertising for 35 locations and counting. The sheer volume of locations that our paid search team was in charge of meant collaboration with Avamere was more important than ever. In response, the Avamere marketing department began sending our team statistics on what locations are the most profitable, which have the best occupancy rates, and what their close rate is—meaning how many of their paid search leads actually turn into sales. This helped our team move the budget around accordingly, to ensure we were always directing traffic toward our highest-performing campaigns.

Since Avamere is in the healthcare industry, privacy laws prevent us from running remarketing campaigns on the Display Network. Instead, we decided to utilize the Display Network by building Prospecting campaigns using In-Market and Affinity audiences. We target interest groups such as retirement planning, assisted living, and memory care, and run the ads at the state level to ensure our ads are getting enough traffic to run (if there’s not enough traffic that’s clicking on an ad, it won’t show to anyone). In certain areas with low search volume, or low Google Display Network inventory, we were able to boost top of funnel activity by leveraging YouTube ads in order to use the full breadth of our targeting options and drive overall brand awareness.

Avamere’s results have been remarkable: in 10 months, they’ve had 2,225 conversions— especially impressive considering this was during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most people are very wary of retirement homes—against a budget of only $225,000. We’ve helped Avamere strategize cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals even when lead conversion rates varied among locations, allowing for more scale when leads were closing at a higher rate. This is evidenced by our overall CPA decreasing by 4%, with our search conversion rate is up 30%. Total leads are up 326% year-over-year, which is a testament to Avamere’s commitment to transparency and building trust in their communities. Avamere typically closes 1 in every 3 leads, meaning they’ve had around 750 closed deals this year—in a pandemic that severely affected the elderly.

Avamere Health is helping our seniors live their fullest lives—and Logical Position is helping to show them how that’s possible.

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