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How Balm Box Leveraged PMAX To Impact More Lives

Monthly Ad Spend: $3,500

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Generating demand for a new product with no immediate peer set can be a challenge for any business looking to warm-up cold audiences. But when founder and president Liz Benditt—a cancer survivor herself—contacted LP to broaden the reach of her cancer care products and help more patients in need, we immediately inherited her passion. Our strategy leveraged Performance Max campaigns to drive an 800% revenue increase for the business, and therefore, impact the lives of thousands by affording Balm Box the opportunity to touch more lives.

About Balm Box

Balm Box creates specialty care packages designed to make cancer treatment and recovery easier for individuals facing serious illnesses. After living through 5 different cancers, Liz had years of experience receiving so many well-meaning but useless gifts. She kept wondering why people would spend so much money on gorgeous flowers (with overpowering scents that made her sick), when what she really needed were extra ice packs that wouldn’t leak through her clothes, unscented lotion for her radiation burns, and specialty pillows to make sitting and driving easier. That’s when the idea for The Balm Box was born – she designed cancer care packages with useful, functional, palliative tools to support patients undergoing cancer surgeries and treatments. Packages that are both beautiful AND useful.

Case Study - Balm Box

“Collaborating with Logical Position has been a true partnership for myself and Balm Box. I have the utmost confidence that my account is in great hands, whether I’m right there for our regular check-ins, or when I’ve needed to step back through my own trials and tribulations to give myself space for self-care. Knowing that they’ve helped grow Balm Box into something bigger than just me, is the ultimate gratification in reaching more families impacted by cancer.”

— Liz Bendett, President and Founder, Balm Box

Balm Box Goals

Establish reliable account data and tracking

Determine client lead source attribution model

Decrease wasted ad spend and reach new audiences

Balm Box - Targets

Broaden The Audience

Frustrated with a lack of reporting visibility, Liz partnered with LP to gain campaign insights and address Google’s ad disapproval in her campaigns, which are designed to safeguard consumers against advertisers looking to unjustly profit off medical intervention. Fortunately, Pmax automation, product segmentation, and appropriate audience targeting helped expedite campaign learning parameters and signal relevance to Google’s advertising network. With proper insights, our discovery campaigns found new opportunities, and ultimately, helped Liz grow her business and impact more patients in need.

Leveraging Automation

Performance Max campaigns leverage machine learning to rapidly scale campaigns, but they require a certain checks and balance to prevent overspending. When used correctly, they enable businesses to reach more customers across all of Google’s advertising channels by simultaneously optimizing bids on various creative assets. Since Liz’s business was effectively in a category unto itself, generating demand (and growing brand awareness), were critical to driving new growth for her company. This is where prescribing PMAX really came into focus.

Performance Max campaigns are designed for businesses of all sizes and can be used to achieve a variety of marketing goals, such as:


Driving website traffic

Lead generation

Driving sales

Increasing brand awareness

Case Study - Balm Box

Campaign Restructure

To revamp Liz’s online presence, we divided her shopping campaigns into two buckets:

Case Study - Balm Box
Top Performer campaign for high converters.
General campaign that focused on top-of-funnel traffic.

By using automated bid strategies, we were able to expand her account while keeping the Balm Box profit goals intact.

In the second quarter of 2023, we further segmented the Balm Box campaigns by profit margin to capture shifts in product category trends. This tactic prioritized cash-flow for her small business while they began to scale. In parallel to the renewed campaign structure, Liz’s business was also undergoing another maturation process, by paying quarterly taxes for the first time. Growing pains, to be sure, but a clear indication of a bonafide enterprise and a dream realized by Liz.

Case Study - Balm Box

Reaching New Heights

Since Liz partnered with LP in 2022, Balm Box has undergone remarkable account growth and revenue gains. With a 120% ROAS increase to a 4x average account wide, Liz’s campaigns have tallied an impressive 500% increase in conversions for an 800% increase in YoY revenue attributed to Google Ads.

Balm Box - Results 1


Increase in ROAS

Balm Box - Results 2


Increase in Conversions

Balm Box - Results 3


Increase in YoY Revenue

With this newfound success, Liz is reinvesting these profits back into the business as part of her passionate mission to give caregivers the opportunity to supply cancer patients with genuinely useful care packages. Beyond providing relief, she’s spending more time with her family and cherishing the memories they’re able to create along the journey.

More Revenue, More Product, More Lives Changed

Throughout all of 2023, Balm Box has consistently maintained profitability. Now, Liz is blossoming into a full-time entrepreneur and drawing up relocation plans to give Balm Box its own care package, in the form of a larger dedicated warehouse facility. Ultimately, this success has enabled Liz to expand her business, while also helping herself by preserving space and time with her family and friends, to grow and heal. That’s a win/win in our book.

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