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How Baxter & Associates Insured Themselves with a Logical Position PPC and SEO Strategy

Monthly Ad Spend: $10,000

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Baxter & Associates, a nationwide leader in medical malpractice insurance, needed to shore up liabilities in their digital marketing strategy. So, they turned to LP to engineer a program that would spur new site visits and grow their online audience. Our team quickly got to work with a tandem approach to grow their organic and paid media performance.

About Baxter & Associates

Since 1996, Baxter & Associates has provided expert guidance in medical malpractice and liability insurance. Their wealth of experience provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective insurance solutions tailored to medical professionals, from doctors and nurses to healthcare facilities, groups, and clinics.


Increase leads at scale and improve account efficiency

Reducing cost per acquisition in PPC campaigns

Build organic brand awareness and generate leads through SEO.

Baxter & Associates - Targets

Practical Approach to PPC

Our team implemented Max Conversion CPA to effectively utilize automated bidding strategies and optimize for conversions while adhering to our predefined budget. We further dialed down the granularity by insurance type to adequately allocate budget by campaign category. These included various segments of malpractice insurance, such as nurse anesthetists, doctors, and physician assistants. This allowed our team to accurately measure conversion tracking by source (calls and form submissions), and capture the entire attribution path to gauge impact by campaign. By fostering collaboration with Baxter & Associates, we continued modifying targets for increased campaign efficiency and performance.

Case Study - Baxter & Associates

PPC Results

Our approach yielded high marks across the board with a 25% conversion rate increase and a 10% growth in impressions. More specifically, our campaigns showed particularly impressive results for search terms like ‘Medical ARNP’ and ‘Medical CRNA’ which saw an 88% and 171% lift in conversions, respectively. Other results included:

Baxter & Associates - Results 1


Savings in CPA

Baxter & Associates - Results 2


Increase in Conversions

Baxter & Associates - Results 3


Increase in Branded Search Terms

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Growth in Clicks

Focused SEO

A core component of our SEO strategy was content creation targeted at medical malpractice risks and insurance options, along with regular on-site updates to ensure a fresh experience for each site visitor. From there, we leveraged our backlink network, strategically securing high-quality links from authoritative sites, elevating Baxter & Associates’ domain authority, and propelling them into the limelight of search results.

SEO Results

  • 794% increase in total keywords
  • 433% increase in top 10 keyword
  • 1200% increase in sitewide users
  • 30% increase in homepage landing
Case Study - Baxter & Associates

“Trusting Logical Position to handle my pay-per-click and SEO campaigns has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business, and I get far better results than I was getting on my own. My costs per click have come down extensively. This is the best investment I have made for my organization.”

— Chris Baxter, President, Baxter & Associates

Protecting the Future

Embracing an evolved digital marketing strategy with precision-driven PPC tactics and a laser-focused SEO approach has led Baxter & Associates to ensure their continued growth. The transformative journey with Logical Position stands as the linchpin to their ongoing success—an evolution that embraces excellence at every turn.

If your business is looking to safeguard against future marketing liabilities, reach out today for a complimentary, no obligation, account audit and campaign review.

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