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How Bi-Rite Furniture Doubled Their In-Store Foot Traffic

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Bi-Rite Furniture has been a trusted source for furniture in the Houston area for nearly three decades. Offering same day delivery on everything from bed sets and mattresses, to armoires, sofas and living room furniture, their reputation for quality service and dependability have built a loyal following. But retail is rapidly changing.

Bi-Rite’s online store was not getting the traffic it needed and wasn’t producing any sales. To make matters worse, the company noticed that even big furniture purchases, something that would normally only be purchased in-store, were being impacted by the massive growth of online eCommerce sales. With increasing competition from eCommerce businesses, Bi-Rite knew they needed to make a change to keep a competitive edge. That’s when Bi-Rite decided to partner with Logical Position (LP).

What Happened Next?

We used a multi-pronged strategy to increase Bi-Rite’s online presence. We designed location targeting with a hyper-local focus by aggressively bidding on paid search ads that show within an 8 mile radius around the store. This has allowed us to capitalize on local traffic and only spend advertising dollars on the most qualified consumers.

Case Study - Bi-Rite Furniture

This led to Bi-Rite’s in-store foot traffic doubling almost immediately.

Next we created unique video placement ads to show on YouTube. We used custom demographic and behavioral audiences to target local Houston consumers who were interested in purchasing furniture. During a 6 month period, these YouTube ads have driven over 200,000 impressions on potential customers in the Houston area.

Case Study - Bi-Rite Furniture

Bi-Rite’s website, which was previously getting very little traffic and producing zero sales, saw $20,000 in revenue within 6 months due to revamped digital strategies.

What Did Bi-Rite Think?

“Leveraging such a diverse paid search strategy has doubled our call volume. We’ve had to expand our showroom and warehouse staff to keep up with the increased business.

We’re seeing unprecedented success, growth and new opportunities as a result of our partnership with Logical Position.”

-Sara Turbyfill, Bi-Rite’s Marketing Director

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