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How LP Helped Binho Board Score $175,000 in Revenue

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Binho Board (BB) is an innovative finger flicking portable soccer game that is fun for all ages, to be played at any place, at any time. Since 2019, they’ve manufactured each part of these boards for maximum playability so every flicker’s experience on the pitch is a positive one. With elastic bands surrounding the field, and 10 stationary defenders aligned in defensive positions, the game’s addictive nature keeps competitors vying for the perfect angle and ricochet combination to find the net and score the goal. Played 1 on 1 or in teams of 2, BB has built a lifestyle brand by accessing the excitement of live soccer matches.

Key Metrics

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Case Study - Binho Board

“We knew Binho Board had massive potential, but it was going to take a collaborative effort to build a formative brand around the product, and that’s where LP stepped in. They helped us reach more people, more efficiently, than we ever could have imagined. It’s fun working with partners when you’re truly on the same team, which is what this relationship has felt like since the beginning.”

—Nick Witherill, Founder, Binho Board

Why Logical Position?

Before working with LP, BB enjoyed various online viral videos and impactful word of mouth marketing, but it wasn’t enough of a coordinated attack to achieve targeted growth goals. At the time, they were manufacturing these boards out of their garage and realized they needed to offboard their marketing efforts to a trusted partner that could take them to the next level, so they could focus on running the business and keeping up with future demand.

Our Strategy

Since we were introducing a new game to a cold audience, we knew our social media ad creative needed to be both informative and relatable. This was best served with compelling video shorts on both Instagram and Facebook. We began by leveraging dynamic scenes of players competing to give a first person perspective and create a lifestyle feel around the brand. This enabled us to highlight the game’s portability and universal all-ages appeal. To build off that, we targeted the top 1% lookalike audiences and similar interest-based groups like board games, soccer fans, and table tennis to build top of funnel awareness. Once in our pipeline, we remarketed to these audiences to build familiarity out of a novelty product. We continued to further sculpt our audience with monthly updated user data so the FB algorithm could gain more and more traction.

Case Study - Binho Board

Another vital component to our in-game strategy was testing in a sandbox environment. This allowed us to preserve budget by separating new ad creatives from the larger campaign to check their effectiveness.

Finally, our MVP was really the remarketing pixel, which placed code on BB’s website to collect data, track conversions, and show return visitors relevant engagement-based content—keeping BB top of mind for those considering an impulse purchase.


With a massive increase in demand, BB faced manufacturing issues and couldn’t keep up with the uptick in orders. LP responded by pulling back on the budget but didn’t want to take an official timeout and be forced to scale the account again, which would waste valuable time. So in the meantime, we emphasized testing different ad copy and various landing pages, to determine which creative combinations worked best, which set us up for future success.

Then the iOS 14.5 update occurred in spring of 2021, which significantly affected our ads and the amount of information we could get back about users, especially on the revenue side. We couldn’t change what Apple did, but we did develop workarounds. The Facebook ad manager provided some information on changes made to the account, but not so much when users got to the BB website. To compensate, we used outside platforms like Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics to measure advertising impact. We also set up API conversions, which helped regain some of the tracked data to ensure our game plan was working the way we drew it up.


Before partnering with LP, BB spent roughly $1,000 a month on boosted instagram posts without much of a game plan. However, in the first two months Logical Position managed BB’s social ads, their website generated $139,072 in total revenue, which was an increase of more than 30% from the two months prior to the partnership.

Sales due to social traffic accounted for $30,000 (last click) of the overall revenue. We know it impacted other channels significantly in that same timeframe, since direct sales went up 80%, and searches rose 161%—under our social ads management.

We also played a significant role in the nearly 42,000 users visiting the site. Throughout our first year, from March 1, 2020 through March 1, 2021, $640,000 in gross revenue was generated. Our efforts on social accounting for a total of $123,000+ (last click), which profoundly impacted all other channels.

Case Study - Binho Board

Our second year together, BB brought in a total $950,000 in gross revenue, which was an increase of nearly 50%. Social made up $136,000+ in revenue, and notably influenced the direct sales.

In 2022, most businesses saw higher advertising costs and a decrease in overall performance year over year. However, for BB, we managed $56,000+ in spend due to the substantial results we achieved for them. The business generated $412,000+, while social accounted for $63,126 (last click) and influenced the increase in direct traffic revenue and search.

All in all, as their marketing coach, LP helped Binho Board play to win!

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