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How a New Board Game Leveraged Their Viral Brand Appeal To Build a Business

Paid Search Ad Spend: $4,000
Paid Social Ad Spend: $18,000

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Gold Stevie Award - Marketing Campaign of the Year

The traditional gaming industry can be a tough space to enter for any outsider. Gaining popularity in a crowded space and carving out your niche can be a tough act to balance while trying to educate a new audience and motivate them to purchase. To level the playing field, we capitalized on viral videos and user-generated content to cast a wide net for mass appeal. From there, it was a careful process moving new buyers down the funnel into becoming loyal customers—or better, brand advocates. The work covered in this case study was awarded the Gold Stevie for Marketing Campaign of the Year in the Gaming & E-Sports division at the 2023 American Business Awards.

About Biñho Board

Biñho Board (BB) is the mastermind behind the innovative finger-flicking portable soccer game of the same name, a pastime that is fun for all ages, to be played anywhere, at any time. Since 2019, they’ve manufactured each part of these boards for maximum playability so every flicker’s experience on the pitch is a positive one. With elastic bands surrounding the field and 10 stationary defenders aligned in defensive positions, the game’s addictive nature keeps competitors vying for the perfect angle and ricochet combination to find the net and score the goal. Played one-on-one or in teams of two, BB has built a lifestyle brand by accessing the excitement of live soccer matches.


Binho Board - Goals 1

5x return on ad spend

Binho Board - Goals 2

Establish conversion tracking

Binho Board - Goals 3

Drive new site visitors

Why Logical Position?

Before our partnership, BB spent approximately $1,000/month on boosted social media posts to grow their brand, which had limited reach and provided minimal insights compared to the Ads Manager interface. At the time, they were manufacturing these boards out of their garage and realized they needed to offboard their marketing efforts to a trusted partner that could take them to the next level, so they could focus on running the business and keeping up with future demand.

Our Strategy

With virtually no presence on paid search, we started by leveraging their most viral YouTube videos in prospecting campaigns to grow brand awareness and drive new site traffic. We developed a mass-appeal lifestyle brand by leveraging user-generated content from partygoers and families alike that delivered a wide array of video content featuring users spanning all demographics. We further prospected the top 1 percent of lookalike audiences and went after users with similar interests, such as soccer fans and board game enthusiasts.

Case Study - Binho Board

To maximize spend efficiency, we combined website visitors and social engagers into one audience with 3-day and 30-day remarketing buckets. To drive additional traffic, we targeted brand influencer audiences to find users who either viewed, shared, or engaged with videos and brought them into our sales funnel. Leveraging product tags and Advanced Shopping Plus, we further scaled the campaigns to continually reach new audiences.

With an initial ROAS goal of 4.5x, we met weekly with BB to make adjustments and refresh ad deliverables. Since this novelty game was a unique concept, we continually tested new creative in a separate sandbox environment to preserve budget while still learning which videos best engaged with our various marketing personas.

These weekly additions to their marketing content collateral kept the new brand fresh and vibrant for all prospects and future brand ambassadors.

Case Study - Binho Board


With a massive increase in demand, BB faced manufacturing issues and couldn’t keep up with the uptick in orders. LP responded by pulling back on the budget but didn’t want to take an official timeout and be forced to scale the account again, which would waste valuable time. So in the meantime, we emphasized testing different ad copy and various landing pages, to determine which creative combinations worked best, which set us up for future success.

Then the iOS 14.5 update occurred in spring 2021, which significantly affected our ads and the amount of information we could amass about users, especially on the revenue side. We couldn’t change what Apple did, but we did develop workarounds. The Facebook ad manager provided some information on changes made to the account, but not so much when users got to the BB website. To compensate, we used outside platforms like Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics to measure advertising impact. We also set up API conversions, which helped regain some of the tracked data to ensure our game plan was working the way we drew it up.

Case Study - Binho Board

“We knew Biñho Board had massive potential, but it was going to take a collaborative effort to build a formative brand around the product, and that’s where LP stepped in. They helped us reach more people, more efficiently, than we ever could have imagined. It’s fun working with partners when you’re truly on the same team, which is what this relationship has felt like since the beginning.”

—Nick Witherill, Founder, Binho Board


Comparing January 2021 to February 2023 with the prior period, we scored massive gains in both paid search and social campaigns.

Turning Likes Into Purchases

To scale their paid social account, we lowered our target ROAS on paid social to 2x, enabling the account to spend nearly $250k in two years of management, while consistently adding budget to increase BB’s purchase volume.

In that time period, we generated:

Binho Board - Generate Monthly Purchases


Monthly Purchases

Binho Board - Generate Reach



Binho Board - Generate Clicks



Binho Board - Generate Landing Page Views


Landing Page Views

Search and convert

To capture the increased demand, we spent a total of $68,386 on Google Ads with cost per acquisition (CPA) of $12.08 and achieved the following KPIs:

Binho Board - Analytics 1


Increase in Clicks

Binho Board - Analytics 2


Increase in Conversions

Binho Board - Analytics 3


Increase in Impressions

Binho Board - Analytics 4


Increase in Revenue

Watching the views

From January 2021 to March 2023, YouTube has been a critical component to Biñho Board’s growth. With about 2.1K subscribers, they’ve tallied more than 1,000,000 total views and counting, with 188,593 attributed to paid instream advertising, where at least 30 seconds of the ad was watched. With an impressive view rate of 50.18 percent, the account has earned 375,831 impressions in that same time period.

Driving Website Traffic

From Jan 2021 through March 2023, Google and FB combined to drive 403,640 users to BB’s website.

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