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How BlendJet Increased Their Revenue by 75%

Ad Spend: $26,000

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BlendJet pioneered the Original Portable Blender, which is the most powerful portable blender on the market. These lightweight, compact blenders are easy to use and built to last, making them a favorite the world over. Smoothies, blended drinks, shakes, baby food, and even soups can be prepared t ease using the small but powerful blenders. They even offer free 2-day shipping, making their commitment to convenience and customer service evident. No surprise this has helped catapult the company to the forefront of the blended beverage industry. When BlendJet came to Logical Position (LP), the company was a small start-up searching for a way to grow their business and pay-per-click efforts. In our two years of working together, we’ve grown BlendJet into a globally recognized brand.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue

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Increase in Impressions

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Increase in Conversions

The Strategy

To drive new revenue channels, our team segmented BlendJet’s shopping campaigns between trademarked and non-trademarked search terms. Dividing the campaigns this way allowed our team to sort branded (“BlendJet”) and non-branded (“portable blender”) traffic to keep new acquisitions separate from lifetime value customers. Next, we matched our ad copy to BlendJet’s target audiences and covered search terms across all applicable industries (beverage, baby food, dessert, health) to ensure maximal relevancy and improved conversion rates.

From there, we took the remaining “shelf space” on Google Shopping by displaying every color option available, further pushing imitators down the results to ensure BlendJet populated all possible positions. Similarly, LP handled the heavy lifting with Google to take down bad actors that were infringing on BlendJet’s registered trademarks.

To improve click-through rates, conversion rates, and compete with the likes of Amazon, BlendJet introduced the new free & fast program on Google shopping to call out free two-day shipping directly on their ads.

Case Study - BlendJet

BlendJet was able to use the free & fast program while still in beta, months ahead of the competition, because of LP’s premier partnership with Google and our world-class integrations team.

BlendJet is dominating the blender market with 63% growth in year-over-year conversions.

To further expand beyond their category defining hardware, BlendJet introduced JetPack Ready-to-Blend smoothies, the perfect companion to their BlendJet portable blender, and sold over $1 million worth on the launch day.

Finally, we deployed international search and shopping ads in native languages. Our team launched ads in Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, German and Canadian English…which, it turns out, is actually a thing.

Case Study - BlendJet

“Logical Position is one of those rare agency partners that is priced very competitively on the low end of your expectations, and consistently provides very high-end results with unbelievable ROI multiples. Our paid search and product listing campaigns crush it month after month, and the team at Logical Position is proactive, present, experienced, motivated, and creative. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, except when it’s a service offered by Logical Position.”

-Ryan Pamplin, Co-founder & CEO of BlendJet


Within the first few months, we were able to dramatically improve BlendJet’s paid search strategy. In a year-over-year comparison between April-June 2020 versus 2019, BlendJet’s total revenue increased by 75% and conversions increased by 63%. Simultaneously, we grew BlendJet’s brand awareness by increasing impressions by 176%. Remarkably, we achieved these results amidst a global pandemic where consumer spending on non-essential goods has decreased dramatically.

BlendJet is well on their way to becoming the #1 blender brand in the world — Logical Position is merely a conduit to reach them.

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