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Leveraging an Omnichannel Approach for Blessed Performance

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Blessed Performance (BP) is a family-owned and operated aftermarket automotive shop specializing in treating customers right. With the motto “Built Not Bought” their mission is to empower diesel automotive enthusiasts to build their rigs the way they want them.

Key Metrics

Blessed Performance - Results 1


Increase in Conversion Rate

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Increase in Transactions

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Reduction in CPA

Business Challenge

As a third-party reseller of the biggest names in the industry, BP faced stiff competition alongside narrow profit margins, hindering their ability to adequately market their products. So instead of focusing on the sales transaction, Blessed Performance focuses on educating the consumer on functionality and best use-case for each product, helping buyers with high-consideration items understand scope and application pre-purchase. This has helped them find a market niche, but in order to scale the business, they needed to take a full-funnel approach to capture as much market share as possible.


Grow revenue and client reach

Improve marketing touchpoints with prospects

Develop in-house product channel


By leveraging a full omnichannel approach through the BigCommerce platform, our team has been able to drive awareness and customer retention for Blessed Performance and dramatically increase ™ search volume, which has greatly impacted the top line of the business. Similarly, our email platform, Klaviyo, is integrated into BigCommerce, Google Ads, and Facebook, enabling our analysts to continually input cross-channel customer behaviors to drive a strong through-line with new acquisitions and repeat buyers.

Impressions 45.6M
Clicks 493.3K
Revenue $7.3M


Account TrendROAS : Revenue

Case Study - Blessed Performance
Impressions 45.6M 5.5%
Clicks 493.3K -11.1%
Cost $203.7K -5.1%
Revenue $7.3M 20.7%
ROAS 35.93 27.1%
Conv. Rate 1.93% 26.2%

How We Made It Happen

Our approach took into consideration, capturing search volume, social commerce, organic rankings, and customer lifetime value.

Case Study - Blessed Performance

Paid Search

Our team of specialists started by taking their broad targeted campaigns and properly segmenting them to align with the products we were optimizing on SEO. With a majority of our budget spent on PMAX Shopping campaigns, we generated a massive branded search volume that we were able to capture as a result. YouTube played a large factor in both remarketing and pre-purchase consideration, where our team leveraged thoughtful and insightful reviews and recommendations available on the various products they offer.

Paid Social

Case Study - Blessed Performance

With over 23K subscribers on Facebook, we were able to leverage their followers alongside look-a-like audiences to continue growing their fanbase of automotive enthusiasts. With supporting video tutorials and product insights available once users entered the funnel, our team leveraged social commerce to complement our strong branded search volume on Google and Microsoft. Our Meta strategy was a vital component that garnered a majority of the ad spend at the top of the funnel to continue exposing Blessed Performance and increasing the number of users searching for them by name. This effort excelled in tandem with our PPC strategy to capture the increase in queries.

Organic Search

The automotive industry is replete in eCommerce and search engine optimization is a key component to getting noticed. To make this happen, we optimized Blessed Performance’s on-site product pages to align with our PPC target keywords, but we implemented a backlink strategy to further drive site authority. By inputting meta descriptions throughout their storefront, we were able to further drive visibility throughout their entire product catalog and help Blessed Performance rank organically for high-ticket items.

Email Marketing

Case Study - Blessed Performance

Since Blessed Performance sells high-consideration products, the sales cycle can take upwards of two weeks (or more), making email an invaluable tool in engaging cart abandoners and prior shoppers with enticing offers to complete their purchases. Through A/B testing our team determined best-sending practices, which has enabled BP to quadruple the number of emails they send each month in a year-over-year comparison. These included offers to increase average order value and promote items with higher profit margins like house-branded products. Our strategy involved alternating newsletter information pieces that aligned with their educational strategy to inform customers, along with seasonal promotions that were in sync with holidays where splurging might take place, such as Valentine’s Day, Tax Day, Father’s Day, etc. We further amplified the efforts with a focused strategy on form captures, which increased their initial list of contacts from 5400 to nearly 30K in total.


Working together with Blessed Performance we’ve been able to drive immediate gains on high profit items, while stabilizing long term equity in their organic rankings through cross-channel brand building. This holistic approach has enabled Blessed Performance to create separation in the market and define their niche with DIY motorsports enthusiasts.

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