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How Blushing Brunette Achieved 17 Million Impressions on Google

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Blushing Brunette (BB) is a women’s specialty clothier with two brick and mortar stores in Georgia and a burgeoning online business that markets nationally. Founded five years ago by Allen and Elizabeth Jernigan, this upscale boutique offers a plethora of seasonal stylings for women looking for fun and flirty fashion-forward apparel and accessories. BB has built a loyal clientele always looking for new arrivals of the latest fashion trends and brands.

Key Metrics

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Impressions on Google

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Return on Ad-Spend

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Case Study - Blushing Brunette

“We know our clients and our product, but it helped to have Logical Position’s guidance in creating a new approach. We reached more new customers than ever before, and our business continues to surge!”

—Allen and Elizabeth Jernigan, Co-Founders, Blushing Brunette Boutique

Why Logical Position?

Before partnering with Logical Position in early 2021, BB managed their Google Ads account in-house with varying degrees of success. At the time, their brick and mortar locations were imperative to the business, and their digital strategy was largely designed to drive foot traffic and new customers to those locales. With no data feed integration established, they were missing out on shopping campaigns, and therefore lacked any visibility in the largest online arena in their space. Moreover, their Google Analytics eCommerce tracking wasn’t set up, making it all but impossible to scale based on past performance. This became a problem with the rise of eComm in response to COVID-19 restrictions and a broader move to online shopping.

During the initial intake call, we devised a comprehensive eComm strategy to set up Google Shopping to drive more buyers to their website. Initial targets were set at a modest 3.5x return on ad-spend to sustain their campaigns.

Our Strategy

Case Study - Blushing Brunette

With a goal oriented approach, we implemented shopping campaigns to take up available shelf space when consumers were searching for items they sold. This effectively launched their products online, including seasonal items, and further pushed holiday promotions. Once we had enough data to start telling their story, we reviewed online shopping campaign performance for further opportunity. Building on the success of their shopping campaigns, we then focused on search terms to drive more non-branded search results.

Since BB has a wide range of seasonal products, we continually featured new products before each season changed. This included frequent product updates so our shopping ads fit their current product offerings.


Case Study - Blushing Brunette

After a year with Logical Position, BB saw a substantial rise in clicks, impressions, and conversions that far surpassed their initial expectations. This allowed BB to nearly double their ad spend from $6,500 to $12,500 while almost quadrupling their original return on ad-spend goal with an impressive 11x. With continued improvements to the strategy, we tallied a total of 17 million impressions (so far). BB also enjoyed a conversion rate of nearly 5% from interactions with ads, achieving a total 16,000+ conversions.

Now those are results worth blushing over!

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