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How Borsheims Jewelry Increased Transactions By 90%

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Borsheims Luxury Jewelry is one of the largest independent jewelry stores in the country with one large flagship store located in Omaha, Nebraska. Borsheims offers unmatched buying power and a remarkably low overhead, allowing them to pass on their savings to their customers through The Borsheims Price, which you won’t find anywhere else.

In 1989, renowned investor Warren Buffett purchased a majority stake in Borsheims, making it part of his famous holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. Joining the Berkshire family allowed Borsheims to expand from a nationally recognized name to an international brand. While the company was primarily known for their exquisite jewelry, they also carry timepieces from the best watchmakers, along with a large variety of luxury home décor items.

After seeing declining success with their previous digital marketing agency, Borsheims was referred to Logical Position by a mutual contact. Ultimately, they signed-on with LP for our proven experience in strategic campaign optimizations. When the partnership began in February 2020, we set a 4x return-on-ad-spend goal on their account.

Case Study - Borsheims Jewelry

Immediately, Logical Position jumped into their Google Ad account and began building new campaigns to gain insight into how Borsheims was acquiring new customers. As one of the largest independent jewelry stores in the country, Borsheims can offer competitive pricing on many products. In order to show consumers the most up-to-date and enticing ads, we frequently change up our ad copy to highlight any sales and promotions that Borsheims is currently offering. This high-frequency ad copy rotation ensures our ads stay fresh and helps us appeal to a wider variety of interests. Next up, we removed irrelevant traffic by negating words like “cheap”, “low-priced”, and “fake”—since these search terms pertain to shoppers outside their target demographic. Finally, our team created several unique audiences to ensure we were showing ads to the consumers that are most likely to make a purchase.

Our Google Ads campaigns went live only a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic descended on America; which proved to be risky, since campaigns typically take around two months to achieve their potential (Google needs to analyze the data, which causes a “ramping up” period). When we officially launched our paid search campaigns, it was the start of Borsheims’ annual Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder event, a time that typically proves incredibly successful for their business. Since the event was virtual, our newly implemented paid search strategy paid off. We were able to double Borsheims initial sales goal for the event. As paid search campaigns gained momentum, we broadened our campaign scope with Microsoft Advertising. Traditionally, Microsoft Advertising users represent an older demographic with the opportunity for greater spending power. Using Microsoft Advertising provided a separate and distinct consumer group from that of Google Ads, who otherwise would never have found the jewelry company.

Logical Position’s efforts have had a tremendous impact on Borsheims revenue.

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Increase in Conversion Value

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Increase in Transactions

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Increase in Return-On-Ad-Spend

It’s important to note that these amazing results were achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic—a time when consumer shopping behavior completely changed. But thanks to a little help from Logical Position, Borsheims Luxury Jewelry was able to shine bright through the pandemic and bring a little sparkle and joy to their customers during a difficult time.

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