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How Buffalo Jackson Achieved 131% Growth in Revenue

Paid Search Ad Spend: $25,000
Paid Social Ad Spend: $7,000

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For over 12 years, Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. (BJTC) has turned out high quality leather goods that are rugged and ready for roaming. Beginning with a lone leather bag line, they’ve since built up the business to include jackets, wallets, and apparel. By making quality products for everyday experiences, Buffalo Jackson honors the lost art of hard work and durable goods that are hand crafted and built to last.

Key Metrics

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Growth in Revenue

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Increase in Conversions

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Google Ads Budget Increase

Case Study - Buffalo Jackson

“Logical Position has become a true partner to our business, providing the expertise to take our digital advertising to the next level. They’ve helped us navigate a pandemic, launch new product lines, and ultimately let us focus on what we’re good at, which is making the best quality leather products possible for our customers.”

—Xan Hood

Why Logical Position?

Before onboarding with LP in 2018, BJTC managed their Google ads in-house, but couldn’t commit the time it took to stay on top of it. They previously worked with another agency, but even then they struggled with diminishing returns within their ad budget. Account growth couldn’t be attained without their return on ad-spend (ROAS) plummeting. Every attempt at gaining new customers made their cost per acquisition (CPA) unsustainable. BJTC needed to change it up, so they decided to partner with LP to focus on growing their online sales.

Our Strategy

LP implemented a full funnel approach for BJTC that made sure their Paid Social and PPC ads were working together. To start, BJTC used Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads to prospect their target demographic, including age, interests and location. This brought a steady flow of new users to their site, and from there, we built look-a-like audiences that excluded past site visitors and users with prior brand engagement to make sure these ads only populated to the most relevant new customers.

Case Study - Buffalo Jackson

As Paid Social ads brought more new visitors to BJTC’s website, we retargeted them with Dynamic Display Ads on Google that showed users products they recently showed interest in. For the broader Google remarketing effort we showed their most popular products in Discovery Display Ads and Static Remarketing Ads to continue moving customers down the sales funnel and closer to a sale. We explored more automation by switching their campaigns from a strictly manual bid to a Smart Shopping campaign to increase our volume of available clicks, impressions, and most importantly, conversions.

We further segmented their PPC campaigns by product to isolate their respective market potential. This allowed us to continually test new ad creative and copy variations for men’s and women’s items, as well as gender neutral bags and cases. We continued to sculpt their Google ads account by removing advertisements with the poorest performance. We kept testing new ways to engage users all while exceeding their minimum targeted return on ad spend of 4x, meaning they needed to make $4 for every $1 spent on advertising.


Case Study - Buffalo Jackson

Helping BJTC navigate the pandemic certainly presented challenges, but it didn’t prevent us from achieving real results. In year over year (YoY) comparisons between March 2019 – March 2020 we increased their revenue by 75% with an 8X ROAS, meaning they brought in $8 for every $1 we spent on advertising. Once Covid hit, we introduced Paid Social (March 2020), and actually decreased their total ad budget by nearly 50% and increased their ROAS efficiency to a 12x. Not surprising, our conversions followed a similar pattern, increasing in 2021 YoY by 48% across the entire account.

Buffalo Jackson builds products to last, we just did the same for their digital marketing.

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