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How LP Helped a Budding Nursery Bloom with Targeted PPC Campaigns

Monthly Ad Spend: $20,000

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The California Nursery Group (CNG) is dedicated to “Setting the Standard” for all landscape and hardscape services in Southern California. With 15+ acres of growing facilities, CNG provides the highest-quality plants, trees, and hedges for a fraction of the cost. With eight physical locations (and growing), their expert staff of landscape designers, nursery attendants, and on-demand tradesmen make it easy for customers to transform their dream landscape into reality.

Digital Marketing Challenges

CNG was referred to LP after working with another agency where they didn’t have real-time access to their account. They were tired of relying on monthly reports to gauge campaign success and the business impact. Because of attribution concerns that weren’t remediated, they were frustrated with a lack of conversion tracking and reliable account data. Moreover, their CPCs weren’t sustainable because their previous agency only went after high-volume keywords to drive traffic.


California Nursery Group - Goals 1

CPA <$200

California Nursery Group - Goals 2

Increase website form fills

California Nursery Group - Goals 3

Launch geo-targeted campaigns

California Nursery Group - Goals 4

Drive brand awareness for their nursery business

Case Study - California Nursery Group

“The team at LP has become an extension of our own internal marketing department. They’re both responsive and proactive, regularly making recommendations for new opportunities, which has completely opened our eyes to new avenues for growth for our business.”

— Vice President of Operations, California Nursery Group


For this client, our objective was to focus on lead generation and driving foot traffic to their eight physical locations, specifically aiming to increase leads for landscape design and their expansive nursery business. Despite CNG’s burgeoning online marketplace, our team got to work on driving even more new users to their products and services. To stay top-of-mind for shoppers in need of their goods and services, we designed relevant competitor campaigns that stood out among other players in their industry.

Growth Strategy

When CNG onboarded with LP in November 2021, we weren’t able to audit their previous campaigns since their prior agency didn’t grant them account access, which is an unfortunate downside to how some other agencies manage accounts! With just account reports to reference, our team got to work building out new campaigns to achieve the client’s objectives. These included location campaigns to drive brand awareness near their brick-and-mortar stores, landscape design campaigns to capture demand for the full breadth of their offerings, and high-volume campaigns as a catch-all to drive relevant traffic to their site.

Case Study - California Nursery Group

With a solid foundation underway, we continued to optimize the account to drive home available opportunities. This included using long-tail keywords such as “home sprinkler repair” to capture users actively looking for assistance with their home irrigation systems. By continually refining the account and looking for new avenues, our team leveraged rare plant-specific keywords in the campaigns, which brought niche buyers to the site, opening the door for customers to bundle bigger packages and increase the average order value.

This also helped drive traffic for seasonal offerings like Christmas trees or fall pumpkins and every other holiday where floral products are front and center, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. With reliable account wins under our belt, we rebuilt their campaigns with an updated keywords list and continued to bid more aggressively with additional budget, targeting users near the new locations they opened. This included location-specific keywords for applicable neighborhoods, such as Burbank, Pasadena, Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, and Santa Clarita.

Case Study - California Nursery Group

Partner Integrations

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In conjunction with the above strategy, we employed our partner network to fill in the gaps. We deployed CallRail’s call-tracking integration to keep tabs on incoming phone calls. Since a nursery business can receive numerous inquiries on shop hours and product availability, we leveraged a premium package to designate unique phone numbers for each of their eight locations as well as by advertising platform, such as Google or Facebook.


Working with CNG has been a collaborative process, with goals and objectives growing into even larger opportunities. Together, we introduced the full expanse of their products and service offerings to professional landscapers, homeowners, and garden hobbyists alike. Since working together, it’s been nothing short of fruitful, as they’ve continued to expand their footprint with two new locations in Pasadena and North Hollywood.

In period-over-period comparisons from November 2021 to June 2022 and July 2022 to March 2023, the following KPIs have been achieved:

California Nursery Group - Analytics 1


Increase in Impressions

California Nursery Group - Analytics 2


Increase in Clicks

California Nursery Group - Analytics 3


Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

The effectiveness of this account’s widened reach proves that with the willingness to get your hands a little dirty, our team of marketing professionals can collaboratively grow your business with best-in-class digital marketing.

If you’re ready to plant some roots, reach out today for a no-obligation, free account review and consultation!

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