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How Capital Payment Solutions Doubled Calls To Their Business

Monthly Ad Spend: $4,000

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Capital Payment Solutions is a credit card processing company based in Spring Valley, New York. Capital Payments offers retail point-of-sale (POS) solutions for businesses both large and small; they also provide equipment financing for organizations looking to lease a variety of machines. The company’s 24/7 customer support team and streamlined processes make them an easy choice for any business that’s looking to expand.

Key Metrics

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Website Traffic Coming From Our Ads

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Calls From Ads Per Day

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Increase in New Website Users

“Logical Position takes the management of my digital ads off my plate, helping me achieve my goals while I focus on the day-to-day of my business. I really value my partnership with them.”

—Norm Cohen, Owner

Why’d They Come to LP?

Case Study - Capital Payment Solutions

Capital Payment Solutions had been outsourcing their digital marketing with an agency for about a year. After a while, Capital Payments’ paid search results stagnated; the agency wasn’t able to hit the desired budget and Capital Payments’ owner wasn’t happy with performance. Capital Payments decided to see if it was possible to do better on Google Ads—so they reached out to Logical Position (LP) to see if we could help. The owner was hoping to be more involved in our partnership to help us grow his account. Our initial goal was to earn 4-5 phone calls per day.

What Strategy Was Used?

Capital Payment Solutions came to LP with a website that was just one long page; it was outdated and didn’t have enough information—so the company decided to invest in our website development product and have LP build them an all new site. Our web development team built out robust category pages on the new site and added additional content about Capital Payments’ products. This created a more cohesive user experience; the category pages are outlined well and easy to navigate. Our web development team also created new calls to action to help generate leads—these keep everything streamlined and encourage customers to call Capital Payments directly. As our partnership has progressed, Capital Payments has been able to expand their business—and our web team is always standing by to update the website with their new service offerings.

Our paid search team built out ads for Capital Payments on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising using the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAGs) style. This build style assigns just one keyword for every ad group; it allows our team to maintain better control of the budget since we can see which keywords are spending the most and adjust their bids accordingly. Our ads have calls to action (CTAs) that direct people to calling Capital Payments directly; customers typically want to discuss financing and loan options over the phone, so our team wanted to encourage as many calls as possible since they’re the best kind of lead generation for Capital Payments. Our team built an ad schedule for Capital Payments, which allows us to conserve budget so that we’re only spending money when the Capital Payments team is available to answer the phone. This also lets us bid up on the days and times where the Capital Payments website sees the most traffic.

Case Study - Capital Payment Solutions

What Were The Results?

Capital Payment Solutions initially wanted to earn 8-9 calls per day from Google Ads. We’ve been able to more than double that number, averaging 20+ calls per day from Google and Microsoft combined. We actually have to pause the ads when the Capital Payments team is out of the office—otherwise they get too many calls coming in and can’t handle all of the business!

Case Study - Capital Payment Solutions

The success of our ads has allowed Capital Payments to quadruple their advertising budget, from $1,000 to $4,000. Capital Payments has been so happy with our services, they’ve even brought on their second business with us.

Since we launched our ads in 2019, our ads have brought in 90% of Capital Payments’ website traffic. Overall users and new users on the website have each seen a 195% increase, while session duration (the length of time a consumer spends on Capital Payments’ website) has increased by 280%.

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