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How Cascade Health Care Drove Site Traffic & Increased Average Order Value

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With countless resources to search and shop for products these days, it’s a challenge for any business to cut through the online noise…and healthcare is no exception. Here’s how we helped Cascade Health Care achieve full-funnel visibility and reliable attribution to execute a proper omnichannel strategy.

About Cascade Health Care

Since 1979, Cascade Health Care has supplied a carefully researched selection of hospital-grade, nursery and birth-centric medical products from trusted manufacturers.

Business Objectives

Grow organic keyword targets

Increase top of funnel website traffic

Capture lifetime customer value

Strategy Development & Results

Case Study - Cascade Health Care

To grow Cascade Health Care’s reach we engaged their target demographic (re: healthcare professionals) at every touchpoint in the buying journey…and even beyond. Through a holistic lens, we allocated budget across search, social, organic, and email to optimize lower funnel conversions, while maintaining top of funnel traffic. Meanwhile, our creative department conducted a business rebrand to modernize their image and appeal to a wider demographic.

Creative Services

To find more relevance in the enterprise medical industry we designed a new logo and brand aesthetic to modernize their image. The finished logo intersects two check marks to form the impression of a butterfly; honoring the feminine roots of the business while visually repositioning the brand for its expanded products and purpose. Our team further commissioned a style guide to align the business with their new visual language across old and new touch points.

Brand Deliverables

Case Study - Cascade Health Care

Meta Advertising Strategy

Brand ethos is the backbone of any business, but you need to reinforce that message to make sure it’s heard. This is where paid social excels in comparison to its advertising counterparts. With high-quality creatives in hand, our team deployed dynamic remarketing ads to keep site visitors engaged with the content they viewed on Cascade Health Care’s website. These hyper relevant ad types leverage the meta advertising pixel to engage shoppers with promotional offers or product bundles based on items they previously viewed or added to their cart.

Meta Results

Cascade Health Care - Results 1


ROAS (22% YoY increase)

Cascade Health Care - Results 2


CTR (20.35% YoY increase)

Cascade Health Care - Results 3


Increase in AOV

Paid Search

We started by implementing analytics tracking to build a reputable attribution model to garner as much data as possible to evaluate engagement across the website and ad creatives. This informed our advertising segmentation by product type to adjust bids accordingly. With more information to work with, we began leveraging Google’s automated software to expand the reach and further scale the account. Simultaneously, we leveraged these efforts through Microsoft Advertising to maximize all potential conversions available.

Search Results

Ad Spend



Cascade Health Care - PPC Analytics 1
Jan 2018


Increase in ROAS



Cascade Health Care - PPC Analytics 2
Jan 2023


Increase in Revenue

Email Marketing Strategy

To introduce a new growth opportunity for the client, we launched email marketing in spring of 2021. The goal was simple: remind past purchasers that their inventory might be running low. Good news, it worked! But first, since email marketing was brand new to Cascade Health Care, we had to establish a verifiable sender’s reputation by warming their list, then dig into the purchasing behavior data to segment our campaigns accordingly. To further grow their contacts, we tested various contact capture forms

Email Results

Avg revenue per campaign increased from $1572 to $3928

84.84% increase in average open rate

48% decrease in bounce rate

Case Study - Cascade Health Care

Search Engine Optimization

Through meticulous keyword research, our team identified high-value, industry-specific keywords relevant to our target audience of associated health care professionals. From there, we wove these keywords into our client’s existing content on their homepage, along with category and product pages. We structured the content to favor search engine readability to increase visibility to the various aspects of their product offering. This ensures that each page ranks for relevant searches and displays prominently in SERP features.

Keyword Rankings: 354.21% Overall Increase

2,684 Keywords
67 in Top 3 Positions

February 2022

288 First Page

February 2022

12,191 Keywords
195 in Top 3 Positions

February 2023

1,253 First Page

February 2023

Organic Trend

Case Study - Cascade Health Care

Inside the Analytics

From February 2022 to February 2023, organic traffic surged. Users skyrocketed indicating a significant expansion in our client’s online reach and audience engagement, highlighting our success in attracting first-time visitors.

Organic Traffic

Users increased 218.85% (9,473 vs 2,971)

New Users increased 239.25% (9,153 vs 2,698)

Sessions increased 207.19% (10,260 vs 3,340)

Case Study - Cascade Health Care

Healthcare Companies Can Prosper

When businesses commit to the big picture, they can expect to win big online. By taking a holistic purview of all marketing channels together, real revenue gains can be achieved when intentional actions are taken to move buyers down the sales funnel to close. By eliminating blindspots, it’s possible to visualize the customer journey roadmap and make an impact.

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