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How ChartLogic Increased Leads By 50%

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ChartLogic provides electronic health record (EHR) software and revenue cycle management for medical practices nationwide. ChartLogic’s suite of software products covers a physician’s office through the entire spectrum of care, which increases efficiency for the whole team. The software company’s Integrated PrecisionVoice technology lets providers notate details faster, while their appointment scheduler automates recurring appointments for patients. ChartLogic’s software has enabled providers nationwide to become more adept with patient care, and their software has even been named one of the best EHR’s in Software Advice’s 2019 FrontRunners report twice in a row.

ChartLogic’s marketing team had been running paid search ads targeted at new acquisitions, but with so many other marketing efforts already in play, they didn’t have enough time to devote to pay-per-click (PPC). The B2B provider outsourced their digital marketing to Logical Position (LP) so we could focus at scale, while their team focused on traditional marketing channels. ChartLogic’s team wanted to maximize their PPC budget, while learning about what converts the best for them. In order to be profitable, we needed to bring in 1 or 2 clients in a 6-month time period.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Search Volume

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Increase in Leads

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Increase in Conversions Year-to-Date

“Over the last few years, Logical Position has taken our Google Ads and overall PPC advertising campaigns to a whole new level. Before them, our AdWords campaigns were run internally and not performing anywhere near a positive ROI. Today, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are some of our highest performing lead sources and getting better every quarter. Not only has the total leads from these sources increased over 300%, with a lower cost-per-click than ever, the quality of these leads also continues to improve. Since I now have a positive ROI and robust tracking and measurement tools, reporting to executive teams for annual budget reviews is a breeze. There are very few marketing initiatives that we can pinpoint as having had this dramatic of an effect on our revenue growth, but LP is one of them and their team always delivers.“

-Cody Frew, ChartLogic’s Senior Director of Marketing

Case Study - ChartLogic

Our paid search team started by conducting an in-depth review of ChartLogic’s Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts. Based on the information we saw in Google Analytics, we knew that a majority of ChartLogic’s prospects are looking for a new software platform in the near future as opposed to in the next few months, with 89 percent of ChartLogic’s scheduled demos year-to-date (YTD) being scheduled within 24 hours of clicking on the initial ad. Knowing this, it was important that we could show new site visitors information that was specifically relevant to their search, in order to provide them with as much content as possible so that they’d be more inclined to use ChartLogic’s services. Our team created specific, content-rich landing pages for every individual keyword we made, including pages that aren’t available on ChartLogic’s site map unless a consumer clicks an advertisement.

As the leads started to roll in and our team proved LP’s value, ChartLogic decided to increase their budget, from $2,999 to $14,000— which helped our team broaden their horizons. We expanded our strategy and gathered information regarding ChartLogic’s competitors, and researched which competitors had a weaker branding and following than that of ChartLogic. Next, we created multiple competitor campaigns, and increased our budgets to those campaigns in order to gain ad position and maximize our leads coming from that competition. For example, we bid on ChartLogic’s B2B competitor eClinicalWorks, with a great deal of success—the CPCs are considerably lower in that campaign than our target non-branded keyword list, and conversion rates are just as strong.

Our competitor campaigns highlight why ChartLogic is a better fit for medical providers, provide testimonials of consumers that have made the switch to our client, and show off the software company’s awards. This has allowed us to drive our cost-per-acquisition (CPA) down, since the B2B industry has a notoriously high CPC threshold—sometimes as high as $100—bidding on competitor keywords helps keep our costs minimal.

Case Study - ChartLogic

Our team noticed that ChartLogic’s website visitors do a lot of research before even reaching the website, with over 80% of users clicking just once within the website before scheduling a demo. We created audiences targeting all users and engaged users on the website (people who spend three minutes or more on the site, or who look at three or more web pages), and increased bids on anyone who had visited ChartLogic before and were making a secondary search on Google. This allowed us to position ChartLogic even higher on the search engine results page, knowing that that audience is more likely to convert when they reach the website a second time— we can see that their behavior is more favorable, and our conversion rate is nearly double in this category.

Our granular approach to paid search has proven itself to be invaluable for ChartLogic. Year-to-date, leads are up by 50%, and overall search volume has increased by 90%— even in the midst of a global pandemic, when many businesses are having to scale back their software development initiatives. We’ve far exceeded their goal of 1 to 2 new clients every 6 months, bringing in 217 conversions so far this year, and 6 just in ChartLogic’s first month with us! We’ve reduced ChartLogic’s cost-per-lead by 10%, which is impressive considering each lead costs over $500 in total!

ChartLogic has had such impressive results that they decided to bring their sister company, Medsphere, over to LP as well, initially for a 6-month trial phase. Medsphere saw such great results, that after 6 months they decided to stick around for the long run, and signed on for another year of services. ChartLogic is making medical providers nationwide more efficient, and providing them with more data— a crucial tool during the COVID-19 pandemic. And with Logical Position’s help, more providers now have access to this invaluable resource.

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