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How Daily Sale Increased Their Revenue By 653%

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DailySale finds the best daily deals in the market for a variety of categories, including fashion, electronics, home goods, health, and beauty. The company strives to perfect the online shopping experience by passing on these cost-savings (sometimes upward of 90%) to their customers. They’ve built a massive following by staying attuned to pop trends and establishing long-term relationships with the most reputable suppliers. Additionally, their customers buy with confidence, knowing they will get the best price around with a guaranteed 30-day return and replacement policy to boot.

Key Metrics

DailySale - Key Metric Revenue


Increase in Revenue

DailySale - Key Metric Transactions


Increase in Transactions

DailySale - Key Metric New Users


Increase in New Users

DailySale - Key Metric Keywords


Increase in Overall Keywords

“Logical Position was instrumental in streamlining our product catalogue and helping us determine where to allocate budget for efficiencies of scale. We’ve seen huge revenue growth since working LP and simply can’t recommend them enough.”

-Jay Hofstatter, President of Daily Sale

Why’d They Come to LP?

Case Study - DailySale

DailySale had worked with several agencies over the course of a few years; they consistently noticed that their return-on-investment (ROI) was declining across multiple segments—Search, Shopping, and Display were all underperforming. DailySale felt there was a lack of in-depth analysis to explain the underperformance. They also noticed a lack of innovation with previous partners in exploring unique targets for new acquisitions. Eventually, Logical Position (LP) reached out to DailySale, sharing our commitment to performance data transparency across campaign initiatives.

What Strategy Was Used?

Our paid search team worked with DailySale to shift their Google Ads account from cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals, segmented by campaigns, to return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) goals that we can use account-wide. This gave our team greater flexibility to scale efficiently in Search, Shopping, Display, and Discovery, which put us on a path toward steady year-over-year (YoY) growth. We tapped into all these additional points of value by developing a thorough report tracker for all our campaigns in Google and Microsoft. Additionally, we were able to showcase the bigger picture for DailySale through multi-channel attribution influence with pay-per-click (PPC)—from the first click to last click and everything in between.

To start, our paid search team deployed LP’s in-house creative department to develop an evergreen remarketing video for YouTube to reengage site visitors lower in the funnel continually, and therefore, more likely to convert. From there, we prospected for new shoppers through Discovery Campaigns, which introduced new products to users with similar interests and buying behavior. Next, we refined DailySales Shopping campaigns to expand on their best-selling items, which enabled us to grow additional revenue from the lowest hanging fruit.

Case Study - DailySale

To ensure our new campaigns were targeting effectively, our team built out a variety of custom audiences for them. We created Custom Intent Audiences (based on the top-converting search terms in our campaigns), Paid Video Viewers (users who viewed our YouTube ads), and Category Page Visitors (users who visited different product categories on the DailySale website). We were then able to leverage these audience lists within our Display, Discovery, and YouTube campaigns and layer them into our search campaigns through Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). Using these audiences allowed our team to drive overall growth by targeting more qualified users in previously untapped ways.

To encourage scalability, our team switched the conversion action of our campaigns to focus on the Ads pixel conversion. As we’ve adopted more automation with our Display and Discovery campaigns, we switched a handful of them over to focus on the Ads pixel instead of the imported transactions from Google Analytics that the rest of the account was using. Our automated campaigns soon saw an increase in performance and overall volume since they had more conversion signals to work with.

DailySale has allowed us a great deal of freedom and flexibility to try new strategies and remain nimble throughout our endeavors—stagnation is not something that exists in this partnership. Our team is always presenting new opportunities to test, whether it’s through new platforms like YouTube, Discovery, or App campaigns; or down to more technical campaign details like audience expansion, bid strategies, and automation. DailySale’s level of trust in LP allows our team to experiment, and in the process, find new and undiscovered ways of driving growth through digital marketing. This brings us to our next endeavor, where we worked with DailySale to execute the other side of the coin in organic rankings by handling their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Case Study - DailySale

SEO Goals

  • To increase local organic traffic and keyword rankings
  • To increase online sales
  • To increase domain authority
Case Study - DailySale

SEO Approach

Throughout the campaign for DailySale, Logical Position provided on-site content, blogs, offsite articles, and technical SEO recommendations based on SEO best practices. The ongoing strategy for the campaign consisted of performing comprehensive keyword research, writing content for existing category pages, and monitoring the site for any technical errors monthly. Our team completed this work to help DailySale reach its goal of increasing its organic keyword rankings for relevant terms and ultimately driving traffic to its site.

What Were the Results?

From the year before DailySale started working with LP until now, they’ve increased revenue from their paid search campaigns alone by nearly 2x and more than 6x sitewide. In 2021, the most recent year of our partnership, LP’s management team generated 5.65 ROAS to DailySale’s bottom line from Google and Microsoft Ads combined.

Comparing 2021 versus 2020 (both years LP managed DailySale’s account), we grew DailySale’s revenue by 252%, increased transactions by 52%, and earned 74% more impressions—all while increasing our ROAS by 23%! The increase in ROAS shows that we’ve cut costs while still maintaining our revenue goals. And the YoY growth shows that we’ve been able to grow DailySale’s account consistently. No stagnation here!

SEO Results

In June 2020, DailySale partnered with Logical Position for 5 hours of SEO consulting. Then in January 2021, they partnered up again for a National – Standard SEO campaign.

Since working together, DailySale has experienced incredible growth in numerous areas. LP increased its existing organic rankings and traffic and helped DailySale continue to grow throughout the campaign. Comparing the campaign year-over-year, from 2020 to 2021, we see DailySale’s overall keywords have grown 31% and increased their first page keywords by over 120%.


13,867 Keywords
84 in Top 3 Positions


571 First Page


18,123 Keywords
123 in Top 3 Positions


1,259 First Page



DailySale - Analytics 1


Increase in New Users (sitewide)

DailySale - Analytics 2


Increase in Sessions (sitewide)

DailySale - Analytics 3


Increase in Transactions (sitewide)

DailySale has been so happy with their ad performance and on-site traffic that they’ve increased their ad spend by 900% during our partnership. Based on Google Analytics data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from 2020 to 2021. DailySale saw a 66% increase in new users, a 105% increase in sessions, and an increase in revenue by over 650%.

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