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How DecoratorsBest Saw A $600,000 Increase In Monthly Revenue

Paid Search Monthly Ad Spend: $170,000
Paid Social Monthly Ad Spend: $1,500
SEO Monthly Ad Spend: $5,200

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DecoratorsBest is an online retailer offering over 250,000 varieties of wallpaper and fabrics. Founded in 2004, they were the first to allow consumers to buy trade-only wallpaper and fabrics, so that everyone could afford a beautiful home that didn’t cost a fortune. They’ve amassed a loyal following thanks to their customer service and competitive prices, even gaining notoriety with features on HGTV and in the New York Times. Their gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers make DecoratorsBest a first choice for consumers all over the world.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Monthly Revenue

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Increase in New Users Sitewide

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More Yearly Conversions

Why’d They Come to LP?

Prior to working with Logical Position (LP), DecoratorsBest had an agency manage their paid search campaigns, but the agency was not hitting DecoratorsBest’s goal of consistent year-over-year growth, and sales were on a downward trend. When DecoratorsBest decided to make the switch to LP, the owner reviewed our account management model and was enthusiastic about the team-centric support they’d receive.

What Strategy Was Used?

Our paid search team started by evaluating the campaigns that DecoratorsBest had been running on; once we had a clear understanding of them we started our improvements. DecoratorsBest had been grouping large products together in one ad group, our team split products into Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) in order to gain better control of the bids on each individual product. This allowed us to identify which products had high rates of return, and move the budget around accordingly in order to “trim the fat” in the account.

Case Study - DecoratorsBest

We also noticed that DecoratorsBest was using a third party vendor to run their Display ads, without any audience targeting. This meant DecoratorsBest was spending inefficiently and ineffectively on unqualified and top-of-funnel consumers. LP brought their Display campaigns back in-house to align more with our strategy. We captured our paid search and paid shopping audiences, grew them, and created Remarketing campaigns to target consumers lower in the sales funnel.

Our paid search team saw opportunity on mobile devices and started increasing bids accordingly. We also began adjusting our ad spend to funnel more budget toward specific days that convert better—namely weekends. Next, our team switched DecoratorsBest’s attribution model from Google Analytics to the Google Ads pixel, in order to attribute sales using the last ad click model. The last ad click attribution gives conversion credit to the last-clicked ad and corresponding keyword. This allows our team and clients to have a holistic view of paid search sales and enables us to scale accounts to their full potential. Last ad click attribution shows us when an ad assisted with a conversion—which gives our team a more wider view into what ads are supporting conversions.

Case Study - DecoratorsBest

As our new paid search campaigns got off the ground, our team worked hand in hand with DecoratorsBest on specific brands to push based on historical data, margins, and vendor relationships. We tested running more sales and working with brands on longer promotion periods, which serves to increase revenue and boost our conversion rate—everyone loves a good sale! While running promotions slightly decreases DecoratorsBest’s profit margins, it helps the business grow volume, which drives lifetime customer value, and ultimately leads to an increase in total revenue.

As DecoratorsBest grew their market share, LP expanded our support in tandem. DecoratorsBest started on Microsoft Advertising, which opened up a whole new segment of consumers to advertise to. Growing off the success in PPC, we launched onsite search engine optimization campaigns and paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve also leveraged our partnerships to help DecoratorsBest streamline their checkout process to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales.

What Were the Results

From 2019 to 2021 DecoratorsBest saw a 142% increase in revenue—an impact of over $600,000 monthly. Transactions are up nearly 200%, with an additional 5,000 conversions attributed to paid search, with clicks up 159% year-over-year (YoY).

Case Study - DecoratorsBest

DecoratorsBest saw a big lift in brand awareness, with sitewide users increasing by 400,000—or 148% YoY. New users have grown even more, seeing a 160% increase thanks to our paid search advertising.

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