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How Endless Pens Increased Revenue By 480%

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EndlessPens strives to be a leading retailer in the pen industry, with its main objective being to bring fine writing instruments and items to its customers at the most competitive prices.

EndlessPens is constantly seeking out the best pen products from world-renowned brands, continuously improving its platforms to ensure it gives its customers the best online shopping experience.

EndlessPens believes and prides itself on providing excellent customer service. With offices and warehouses in New York, Florida, and Delaware, as well as a network of worldwide affiliates, experts will always be ready to help with any matter—big or small.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue

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Increase in New Users (sitewide)

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Increase in Ranking Keywords

“We began working with LP earlier this year with the aim being to better strategize our technical SEO. We needed people to hear about EndlessPens organically, as we are still somewhat new in the market. This has been achieved over the last few months by generating reliable content, focusing on keywords and backlinks, while also creating a user experience that delivers this information in a timely manner. Our experience with the team has been a seamless one, and Elyse has done a great job in communicating the progress to us at every turn.”

-Eyal Moran, COO at EndlessPens


  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase site speed
  • To increase brand awareness
Case Study - EndlessPens


From the start of the campaign, LP optimized EndlessPens’ top-level category pages and have continued to do so each month by adding content to its most profitable brand category pages, specific product pages, and seasonal product pages. LP also addressed some technical SEO and website development fixes, including restructuring its category pages, redirecting broken pages and links, and more. Additionally, LP has also been creating consistent on-site blog content and writing offsite articles every month. Due to the frequent collaboration with the client and the ability to help meet their desires through continuous on-site and offsite SEO efforts, LP has been able to help increase their organic presence and overall domain authority.


In June 2020, EndlessPens partnered with Logical Position for a National – Basic SEO campaign.

Since working together, EndlessPens has experienced incredible growth in numerous areas. Logical Position was able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic, and they helped EndlessPens continue to grow throughout the campaign. In less than six months, EndlessPens’ keywords have grown 41% from June 2020 to November 2020 (2,243 to 3,160). When comparing first page keywords, there was an increase of 38% from June 2020 with 241 keywords to November 2020 with 332 keywords.


2,243 Keywords
43 in Top 3 Positions

June 2020

241 First Page

June 2020

3,160 Keywords
50 in Top 3 Positions

November 2020

332 First Page

November 2020

Targeted Keywords

From June 2020 to November 2020

82nd 6th Position

“online pen store”

210 searches per month

Not Ranking 7th Position

“luxury rollerball pens”

140 searches per month

Not Ranking 18th Position

“luxury writing pens”

110 searches per month

31th 13th Position

“premium ballpoint pen”

110 searches per month

42th 15th Position

“fountain pens for sale”

1,000 searches per month

Based on Google Analytics’ data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from June 2020 to November 2020. EndlessPens saw an 83% increase of users to its site (3,230 to 5,924), an 88% increase in new users (2,330 to 4,381), and a 114% increase in sessions (5,226 to 11,188). In less than six months, its revenue increased by over 480%.


June 2020
November 2020
EndlessPens - Analytics 1


Increase in Users (sitewide)

EndlessPens - Analytics 2


Increase in Sessions (sitewide)

EndlessPens - Analytics 3


Increase in Transactions (sitewide)

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