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How EZ Snap Covers Increased Website Transactions By 160%

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EZ Snap™ Covers has been in the remodeling business for over 25 years. They knew that there had to be a better way to fix old, ugly baseboard heaters. EZ Snap™ Covers are that better way. The bent, rusted, cheesy 1950s look of the original manufacturing companies are gone, and the neat, clean, stylish look of today is here! EZ Snap™ Covers designed their easy-to-install product so that “do-it-yourselfers” can simply mount their heater covers with (in most cases) no tools. These covers are modern looking and made with 20-Gauge galvanized steel—the thickest cover on the market today—and an epoxy powder coating.

Key Metrics

EZ Snap Covers - Key Metric 1


Increase in Transactions (sitewide)

EZ Snap Covers - Key Metric 2


Increase in Purchases with Paid Social

EZ Snap Covers - Key Metric 3


Increase in Impressions with Paid Social

“Working with Logical Position has been a great experience. As an organization, we value communication; when we need anything, Logical Position is there to answer the call. Our regular calls help us understand the causes and effects of the changes made in our campaigns.

The results we’ve seen in our SEO, Paid Search, and Paid Social campaigns really speak to the knowledge and dedication of the LP team. We’re happy to say we’ve had a record-setting year, and Logical Position has been a huge part of that success!”

-Gary Fratianne, Owner of EZ Snap™ Covers

SEO Goals

  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase site speed
Case Study - EZ Snap Covers

SEO Approach

Throughout the duration of the campaign, Logical Position created optimized content for product category pages and created resource pages for the site. Through comprehensive keyword-research, LP was able to identify strong target keywords to help to increase EZ Snap™ Covers’ organic traffic. Additionally, LP was able to improve the user experience and crawlability of the site through ongoing technical fixes. The team’s consistent blogging and backlinking efforts were also a major contributor to the success of the campaign.

SEO Results

EZ Snap™ Covers is a great example of how the longevity of SEO can transform a business. EZ Snap™ Covers initially hired Logical Position for five hours of SEO Consulting in July 2018. Then in August 2019, EZ Snap™ Covers partnered with Logical Position for a National – Basic SEO campaign. They have consistently seen incredible growth in several areas of their business. By hiring Logical Position for ongoing SEO services, EZ Snap™ Covers has been able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic and continue to grow throughout the duration of the campaign.

In regard to keyword growth, comparing October 2019 to October 2020, EZ Snap™ Covers’ keyword rankings have increased by 110% (470 to 987). When comparing the first-page keyword rankings, there was an increase of 18%. In October 2019, they had 102 first-page keywords, and in October 2020, they had 120 first page keywords.


470 Keywords
102 in Top 3 Positions

October 2019

987 Keywords
120 in Top 3 Positions

October 2020

Targeted Keywords

From October 2018 to October 2020

4th 3rd Position

“hot water radiator covers”

170 searches per month

13th 7th Position

“cheap baseboard heater covers”

480 searches per month

4th 2nd Position

“replacement radiator covers”

170 searches per month

36th 11th Position

“heater cover”

5,400 searches per month

7th 6th Position

“baseboard radiators covers”

2,400 searches per month

Based on Google Analytics’ data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from October 2019 to October 2020. EZ Snap™ Covers saw a 53% increase in users to their site (2,064 to 3,161), a 68% increase in new users (1,676 to 2,795), a 62% increase in sessions (2,459 to 3,980), and an increase of 265% in total revenue.


October 2019
October 2020
EZ Snap Covers - SEO Analytics 1


Increase in Users

EZ Snap Covers - SEO Analytics 2


Increase in New Users

EZ Snap Covers - SEO Analytics 3


Increase in Sessions

EZ Snap Covers - SEO Analytics 4


Increase in Revenue

Paid Search Goals

  • To continue to grow their ecommerce business through Google Ads
  • To drive more users to the website through Google Ads
  • To keep a steady ROAS

Paid Search Approach

To start off the Paid Search campaign on the right foot, Logical Position worked closely with EZ Snap™ Covers to ensure they targeted the correct products to help meet the client’s goals. At the beginning of the partnership, the team scheduled bi-weekly calls with the client to go over the account performance as well as any changes that were made.

LP worked on pushing products that continued to drive EZ Snap™ Covers’ revenue and help define their top converting products. In addition, LP kept a close eye on products that were not converting and worked on decreasing the bids. This helped EZ Snap™ Covers continue to maintain their ROAS goal as LP worked on top converting products and scaled back the non-converting products.

Case Study - EZ Snap Covers

LP took a similar approach to the search campaigns. If a keyword was meeting the ROAS goal, then LP continued to push in that area. However, if a keyword was not meeting the ROAS goal, LP scaled back by either dropping the bid or pausing that keyword altogether.

All these changes have been an ongoing process for us in the account as things change, and we want to make sure we continue to maintain our ROAS goal. To maintain a healthy ROAS, we need to also look at different data frames and follow the picture that the data is telling us to make changes.

Paid Search Results

EZ Snap™ Covers hired Logical Position for a Paid Search Ecommerce – Standard package in July 2018. However, in late 2019, EZ Snap™ Covers chose to pause their services with LP, and shortly after, saw a drop in results. They came back in early 2020 with the goal of getting back to where they were at previously and have seen steady growth ever since.


October 2019
October 2020
EZ Snap Covers - PPC Analytics 1


Increase in Users from

EZ Snap Covers - PPC Analytics 2


Increase in Conversions

EZ Snap Covers - PPC Analytics 3


Increase in Revenue

EZ Snap Covers - PPC Analytics 4

Increase in ROAS

Paid Social Goals

  • When EZ Snap™ Covers started on social, their goal was a 6X ROAS
  • To continue to grow their business through their social media presence
Case Study - EZ Snap Covers

Paid Social Approach

In August 2018, EZ Snap™ Covers started a Paid Social remarketing package with Logical Position. LP’s remarketing ad strategy featured a mix of static creatives. LP highlighted EZ Snap™ Covers in videos, GIFs, and images. These remarketing ads had one goal—to target people who visited the website but did not make a purchase and convince them to go back and complete their transaction. After their first month of advertising with Logical Position (September 2018), EZ Snap™ Covers had immediate success. They had a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 13.26, which doubled their original goal. As a result, they steadily increased their remarketing budget.

Soon after that first month, LP recommended implementing a Prospecting package to further their results. However, EZ Snap™ Covers was not quite ready to make the jump in the management fee. Finally, by November of 2019, after many months of success, EZ Snap™ Covers agreed to move to the Prospecting package.

The goal of this campaign was to reach people who had never been to the EZ Snap™ Covers website and increase their website traffic by doing so. The results of the Prospecting campaign filled the marketing funnel with users, and then the remarketing ads convinced those people to purchase.

Paid Social Results

From October 2019 to October 2020, EZ Snap™ Covers saw a tremendous increase in growth from LP’s Paid Social efforts. This is a result of a change in their strategy—adding a Prospecting package back in November 2019. By adding this type of campaign, it required an increase in spending; however, it naturally increased reach and revenue.


October 2019
October 2020
EZ Snap Covers - PS Analytics 1


Increase in Amount Spent

EZ Snap Covers - PS Analytics 2


Increase in Reach

EZ Snap Covers - PS Analytics 3


Increase in Clicks

EZ Snap Covers - PS Analytics 4


Increase in Purchase
Conversion Value

EZ Snap Covers - PS Analytics 5


Increase in Post Shares

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