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How Fiddlershop Increased Revenue By 120%

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Fiddlershop, a music instrument and accessories shop, knew the importance of digital marketing, but wasn’t sure where to start. Fiddlershop came to Logical Position (LP) hoping we could provide guidance and scale the music shop’s business. As soon as we started running paid search and paid social campaigns, Fiddlershop saw monumental growth that they’d never experienced before.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Purchases from Paid Social

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Back for Every $1 Spent on Paid Social

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Increase in Paid Social Revenue

“There are too many marketing agencies who claim to be able to get you the best returns, but we tried many of them and this just isn’t the case. Finally, we found Logical Position who brought us the highest return on investment by far, with a 10x+ ROI on almost all of our channels!!!”

-Michael Holstein, Founder & CEO

Case Study - Fiddlershop

The Company

Fiddlershop began as an online eCommerce company selling a wide variety of string instruments and accessories, including their own line of violins. As the website started gaining popularity, there was an overwhelming demand for advice about what instrument to buy, and where to buy it. This led to the opening of Fiddlershop’s showroom, located in Pompano Beach, Florida. As time went on, Fiddlershop continued growing their online presence and built a thriving storefront. The music shop knew there were opportunities on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to reach a wider audience, but wasn’t sure where to start. That’s when the partnership with LP began.

The Strategy

LP used a mix of paid search and paid social to drive revenue and reach a new audience. We segmented our paid search campaigns by product type and price in order to control the budget better and bid more competitively on higher priced items. We also utilized dynamic remarketing to target people who had previously visited Fiddlershop’s website with ads related to their previously viewed products.

Next, we created musical interest-based audiences and purchaser lookalike audiences on paid social and created prospecting ads specifically for these audiences. Our ads included video content highlighting the Fiddlershop store front, videos of the different types of violins offered, and images from the in-house Fiddlerman line of violins.

The Results

Using the combination of both paid search and paid social produced staggering results for Fiddlershop. In a year over year comparison of before versus after Fiddlershop worked with LP, purchases from paid search advertising specifically increased 79%, with paid search revenue increasing 60%.

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Increase in Purchases from Paid Search Ads

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Increase in Paid Search Revenue

Our paid social ads were equally successful, in that same year over year comparison purchases from paid social increased tenfold, with revenue increasing 120%. Fiddlershop saw $14 back for every $1 they spent on paid social. The music company was so happy with the results that they significantly increased their ad spend, which served to grow their business even more and led to them hiring additional employees to meet the demand.

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