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How Fish Tanks Direct Achieved a 30% YOY Increase in Transactions

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Fish Tanks Direct (FTD) is an online aquatics superstore specializing in freshwater fish tanks and saltwater aquariums at factory-direct prices. For over 16 years they’ve supplied aquarists at every level, carrying a huge selection of supplies, including tanks, lighting, filters, chillers, and protein skimmers. FTD is a one-stop shop trusted by aquarium enthusiasts for their knowledge and first-class customer service.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue YOY

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Increase in Transactions YOY

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Return on Ad Spend

Case Study - Fish Tanks Direct

“In a time of crisis, Logical Position came to our rescue! They quickly became an extension of our internal marketing team and a trusted partner.”

— John Bielanski, Founder/Owner, Fish Tanks Direct

Why Logical Position?

Before partnering with LP, FTD worked with another agency, but when they went to migrate their eComm platform to BigCommerce (BC), they lost half of their site traffic in the process. Obviously concerned, the BC growth strategists immediately referred FTD to LP, and our team pieced together the details through a comprehensive technical audit. Since site migrations can be very delicate, akin to an organ transplant, where all the nerves and arteries need alignment to recover full functionality. After hiring LP to do the migration, the rankings and organic traffic recovered within a month. Proving ourselves, we established an immediate rapport with FTD, which earned us their paid search and SEO business.


12x ROAS.

Increase organic traffic

Diversify website sources

Our Strategy


After restoring FTD’s website traffic and stabilizing their rankings, we began optimizing the account. We started by building a standard manual campaign, incorporating single keyword ad groups and single-product ad groups. Segmenting the campaigns this way provided greater insights into what products and keywords had the most success within the account. This allowed our team to go after audiences and purchasing behavior that’d have the biggest impact and target high converting keywords. Ultimately, these insights allowed our team to increase ad relevance, raise quality scores, boost click-through rates, and acquire better data to rapidly improve results.

Once we gained these insights, we deployed Google Smart Shopping to further scale the account and capture additional market share with users looking for the products FTD offers. On the branded search side, we segmented their campaigns by FTD’s most popular products, such as Red Sea ReefWave pumps and Tsunami brand aquariums. Most recently, we transitioned to Performance Max to further harness the power of Google automation, which continues to push FTD’s products up the search engine results pages (SERP) and ensured they captured the available demand.


To increase organic traffic for FTD, we deployed a three-part strategy consisting of onsite optimizations, keyword research, and an offsite backlink strategy.

Case Study - Fish Tanks Direct

We started by optimizing their site to enhance readability from Google web crawlers. This helps increase page indexing across their site, so more pages populate in relevant searches related to their industry. Similarly, we incorporated the user experience to increase actions from users on the page to increase organic conversions.

Once the layout and calls to action were dialed, we performed comprehensive keyword research to deploy throughout their category pages to further increase their ability to rank higher in the SERPs.

Last but not least, we used those same keywords to deploy their blog content strategy and dovetailed that with offsite articles through our extensive publishing network. This three-pronged approach helped support our paid search efforts and provided solid ground for FTD to stand on.


Since onboarding with LP, FTD has made waves with both their organic and paid traffic. In working together, our team has ensured both channels support the same goals and drive results for FTD.

Case Study - Fish Tanks Direct

This sea of opportunity yielded these search results:

  • 10% increase in revenue, YOY, since July 2021
  • 30% rise in transactions
  • 16x ROAS–exceeding their goal with a 30% increase from January to November 2022, compared to 2021
  • A healthy split of 35% paid media traffic and 43% organic traffic
  • Success let FTD expand and hire a new staff member to assist with new business!

We shored up their organic traffic quite nicely

September 2021
August 2021
August 2021
August 2022
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Increase in
Organic Traffic

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Increase in
Organic Revenue

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Increase in
Organic Traffic YoY

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Increase in
Organic Revenue YoY

From August 2021 to June 2022, we doubled their keywords.

12,231 Total Keywords

August 2021

2,198 First Page

August 2021

21,632 Total Keywords

June 2022

5,184 First Page

June 2022

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