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How Fusion Teas Saw A 71% Increase In ROI

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Fusion Teas was founded in April of 2010 with the intention to share the world of quality loose-leaf tea with others. They are not stuck on ideas of what tea ‘should’ be like or what the newest ‘beverage trend’ is this week. Fusion Teas solely focuses on teas that enliven our senses, delight at the first sip, and leave you feeling happy and healthy. They make this happen with exciting tea blends and easy-to-use, durable teaware.

In August 2020, Fusion Teas opened a brick and mortar store and also moved to a different warehouse, as they outgrew the one they were previously in.

Key Metrics

Fusion Teas - Key Metric 1


Increase in Revenue with Google Ads

Fusion Teas - Key Metric 2


Increase in Return on Investment with Paid Social Advertising

Fusion Teas - Key Metric 3


Increase in First Page Keywords

“Working with Logical Position has been a game-changing experience for us. We have worked with other digital marketing companies in the past and have not been as pleased. Naturally, we were hesitant of going with such a large company and were afraid we would not get the personal touch and sense of ownership when working on our account; however, we were pleasantly surprised. Logical Position seems to have a great working culture and the people on our account have made us feel like they love what they do and that they actually care. I wish we would have found them sooner.”

-Thomas Egbert, Whirlwind Director of Fusion Teas


  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To focus on selling more teas than cultures and make sure conversion tracking was set up properly
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase site speed
Case Study - Fusion Teas

SEO Approach

From the start of the campaign, the client’s goal was to implement SEO into existing content without taking away from the website’s existing upbeat and casual tone. Logical Position researched the competitive tea industry to determine the most appropriate keywords to target for each type of tea. In addition, LP identified several keyword opportunities to optimize and promote categories that were being underutilized. Throughout the campaign, LP also delivered relevant onsite blogs and offsite content to drive even more traffic to the site and improve Fusion Teas’ domain authority.

SEO Results

In October 2019, Fusion Teas partnered with Logical Position with a five-hour search engine optimization consulting package. One month later, they signed up for another five hours of consulting. Then in March 2020, Fusion Teas saw such great results, they upgraded their package with LP to a National – Standard campaign.

Since working together, Fusion Teas has experienced incredible growth in numerous areas. Logical Position was able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic, and they helped Fusion Teas continue to grow throughout the campaign. Due to Logical Position’s efforts, comparing the prior month of their partnership to the current day, Fusion Teas keywords have grown 68% (4,364 to 7,311). When comparing first page keywords, there was an increase of 133% from September 2019 with 266 keywords to September 2020 with 620 keywords.


4,346 Keywords
57 in Top 3 Positions

September 2019

266 First Page

September 2019

7,311 Keywords
146 in Top 3 Positions

September 2020

620 First Page

September 2020

Targeted Keywords

From September 2019 to September 2020

94th 7th Position

“green tea leaves”

8,100 searches per month

Not Ranking 6th Position

“energy boosting tea”

260 searches per month

70th 7th Position

“loose leaf oolong tea”

390 searches per month

16th 9th Position

“immune boosting tea”

1,600 searches per month

54th 6th Position

“loose leaf black tea”

880 searches per month

Further, Google Analytics shows an increase in the site’s overall organic traffic from September 2019 to September 2020. Fusion Teas saw a 156% increase of users to their site (2,146 to 5,501), a 163% increase in new users (2,022 to 5,296), a 141% increase in sessions (2,614 to 6,297), and an increase in revenue of 20%.


Fusion Teas - SEO Analytics 1


Increase in Users

Fusion Teas - SEO Analytics 2


Increase in New Users

Fusion Teas - SEO Analytics 3


Increase in Sessions

Fusion Teas - SEO Analytics 4


Increase in Transactions

Fusion Teas - SEO Analytics 5


Increase in Revenue

Paid Search Approach

Logical Position segmented the account to be much more granular and included an all manual bidding strategy, so each product had a fair opportunity before narrowing down the top sellers. One of the reasons Fusion Teas came to LP was to help sell more teas, which is where they had better profit margins. Their previous strategy on Google, however, included a lot of auto-bidding strategies which can make it difficult to push specific products. LP started the account on a shared budget as well, so it was clear to identify what was converting/had the best ROAS. LP also integrated proper conversion tracking through Google Analytics.

Case Study - Fusion Teas

Paid Search Results

Fusion Teas hired Logical Position for a Paid Search Ecommerce – Starter package in October 2019. Before LP, Fusion Teas was not receiving a clear picture of their incoming revenue from Google Ads. This was due to not utilizing the proper conversions and transaction tracking. Once LP partnered with Fusion Teas, LP made sure to start properly tracking these metrics, which gave Fusion Teas more data than they had access to in the past.

When comparing September 2019 (before LP) to September 2020 (a year into their partnership), Fusion Teas has seen amazing growth. By increasing their budget for Google Ads by $1,000, they were able to increase their revenue by 200%. Fusion Teas even saw an increase in conversions by ~152% and an increase in ROAS of ~29%.

Due to the success of the Google Ads account, Fusion Teas chose to upgrade their services with LP by integrating Bing advertising. With this addition, Fusion Teas is sure to continue to see a consistent performance.


Fusion Teas - PPC Analytics 1


Increase in Google
Ads Spend

Fusion Teas - PPC Analytics 2


Increase in Revenue

Fusion Teas - PPC Analytics 3


Increase in Conversions

Fusion Teas - PPC Analytics 4


Increase in ROAS

Case Study - Fusion Teas

Paid Social Approach

Dynamic remarketing is great for an eCommerce business, such as Fusion Teas, with a massive product catalog and large inventory (with several different items/product categories). Instead of individually creating an ad for each product, dynamic remarketing ads automatically use images and details from the data feed and show relevant product ads to people who have already shown interest by taking certain actions (e.g. add to cart) on the site. LP is currently retargeting people who have viewed or added Fusion Teas’ products to cart but did not purchase in the last 14 days. LP has experimented with different retargeting windows for Fusion Teas and found that a 3-day and 14-day (excluding 3-day, retargeting 4 to 14) work best together. The 3-day window re-targets our most recent audience while the 14-day re-targets audience that needs a slightly longer consideration window.

Paid Social Results

Fusion Teas started with Logical Position for a Paid Social campaign package in November 2019. Below is the data comparing December 2019 and September 2020. With LP as a partner, Fusion Teas achieved a 49.86% increase in their return on ad spend (ROAS), improving to 5.1 in September of 2020. This was due to purchases rising by 50% to 24, driving $890.45 in sales in September— an increase of 70.61 percent. LP succeeded in hitting these metrics with a Cost per Click (CPC) reduction of 30% to .75 Cents, and a corresponding 33% drop in September’s Cost per Mille (CPM) to $17.39.

Fusion Teas - PS Key Metric 1


Increase in ROAS

Fusion Teas - PS Key Metric 2


Increase in Purchases

Regarding impressions, Fusion Teas saw 10,049 in September of 2020—an increase of 70% over December’s total of 5,918 the previous year. The campaign strategy garnered 38 additional link clicks over 2019’s figure, bringing the total to 160 for an increase of 31%, leading to 139 Landing Page Views (LPV) and 153 Add to Cart (ATC) events in September of 2020.

This increased delivery is even more impressive when looking at the spending. In December 2019, Fusion Teas saw a spend of $153.49. When taking into account the above-mentioned growth across the campaign, the corresponding increase in spending of 14% to a total of $174.75 is fantastic. This success was not obtained in a bubble, either. Fusion Teas provides high-quality products to the discerning tea connoisseur, and with the impacted 2020 Ecommerce market as well as increased Facebook approval automation, LP pivoted copy to keep ads in delivery, targeting key seasonal market windows and further driving conversions.


Fusion Teas - PS Analytics 1


Increase in Impressions

Fusion Teas - PS Analytics 2


Increase in Link Clicks

Fusion Teas - PS Analytics 3


Increase in Landing
Page Views

Fusion Teas - PS Analytics 4


Increase in Ad to Carts

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