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How Ghost Longboards Achieved An 80x ROAS

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Ghost Longboards was born out of the idea of creating a clear, acrylic longboard at an affordable price. Clear longboards are quite unusual—most are made out of wood—so the plexiglass longboards were an overnight success, and quickly went viral. Today, Ghost Longboards sells over 50 skateboard designs, plus components and accessories. They even give their customers the ability to customize their board, making them a go-to for beginner and professional skateboarders alike who are looking to stand-out.

Key Metrics

Ghost Longboards - Key Metric 1

$1.6 million

in Revenue in One Year

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Decrease in Cost-Per-Conversion

Why’d They Come to LP?

Ghost Longboards gained popularity very quickly, but that didn’t guarantee sales. So they turned turned to digital marketing to make sure they were getting their products in front of the right customers and capturing all relevant searches. Having worked with a previous digital marketing agency; while they were seeing solid results on Google Ads, Ghost Longboards was not pleased with their previous PPC agency’s level of communication. Once Ghost found Logical Position (LP), they knew it was the right fit—and if we could improve their already successful digital strategy, it’d be even better!

What Strategy Was Used?

Our paid search team started by building new paid search, shopping, and display campaigns for Ghost Longboards. In our search campaigns, we utilized Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to separate each of our keywords individually. This granular strategy lets our team see how each keyword is performing and adjust bids accordingly, which ultimately gives us better control over the budget and increases efficiency in the account. We chose to segment our shopping campaigns as Branded (yielding searches such as “Ghost Longboards”) and Non-Branded (yielding searches such as “clear skateboards”). Segmenting the shopping campaigns this way lets our team separate new acquisitions from lifetime value customers; this also conserves budget since we can set lower bids for our Branded campaigns.

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Our display campaigns serve to remarket to consumers who have browsed the Ghost Longboards website but haven’t made a purchase yet. We target our display ads to three different audiences: All Users, which is an audience that includes anyone who has already visited the website; Engaged Users, which are people who have stayed on the website for a certain amount of time or have clicked on multiple pages; and Cart Abandoners; which are people who have added an item to their cart but haven’t purchased it yet. Our display audiences help our team ensure that our ads are being viewed by the right customers, and the display campaigns help gently remind those customers to complete their purchase.

What Were the Results

In one year, Google Ads accounted for 9,270 conversions that generated $1.6 million in revenue for Ghost Longboards, an increase of 2,300% since before they started working with us. Their return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) has increased 610%, to 80.47x. That’s $80 back for every $1 they’re spending on advertising. Their cost-per-conversion is just $2.22—a 98% decrease from before they worked with us.

That’s $80 back for every $1 they’re
spending on advertising.

Results on Microsoft Advertising have been equally impressive. Ghost Longboards has seen nearly $80,000 in revenue in one year, with 426 conversions and over 11,000 clicks. Their ROAS on Microsoft is a 33x. In total, Ghost Longboards saw over $4.4 million in revenue across their entire website in the year they’ve been working with us. They’ve received so many orders that they had to move operations from their garage into a large warehouse space.

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