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How Go Solar Power Saw a 45% Rise in Conversions

Monthly Ad Spend: $17,000

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Since 2009, Florida-based Go Solar Power (GSP) has been a national provider of green energy solutions. Performing thousands of installations of Tesla solar shingles, batteries, and powerwalls—GSP is a trusted name in the market. As a company, they’re committed to delivering clean and green energy solutions for both residential and industrial clients. Solar power is a highly competitive field, but GSP still manages to shine.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Traffic

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Reduction in CPC

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Lift in Number of Conversions

Case Study - Go Solar Power

“Go Solar Power has a lot to offer anyone looking for affordable and reliable alternative energy solutions. We knew the market was there, but we didn’t have a strong online customer acquisition strategy. That’s where Logical Position had the biggest impact. They opened new channels and were fundamental to our expansion into new territories.”

— Thomas Lanzarotta, Marketing Director, Go Solar Power

Why Logical Position?

Before onboarding with Logical Position, GSP managed their ad campaigns in-house with varying degrees of success. They had enough wins to demonstrate the potential, but lacked the expertise needed to execute a multi-state Lead Generation strategy. So they reached out to LP for a complimentary account audit to review their campaigns and roadmap a strong customer acquisition strategy with a robust attribution model.


CPA under $100

Increased conversion rate

Brand building—improved campaign reach and targeting

Lead attribution roadmap

Our Strategy

Logical Position separated GSP’s campaigns by job type and the associated average order value (AOV), so we could set cost per acquisition (CPA) targets accordingly. Segmenting their campaigns by D2C and B2C, we incorporated additional interests and demographic attributes, respectively.

Case Study - Go Solar Power

For residential, we targeted users who fell into one of three buckets:

  • Off-grid living/DIYers
  • Green alternative energy solutions
  • Home automation enthusiasts

For commercial, our team targeted:

  • Energy-intensive businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Agricultural applications

CallRail Integration

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Being a service-based business, these Lead Generation campaigns relied on our CallRail integration to track attribution. Once we had enough data to establish a baseline for performance, we continued sculpting their respective audiences to uncover as many new prospects as possible. We targeted the demographics above to keep top of funnel traffic flowing to their website.


Since partnering with LP, GSP enlarged their online presence and profitably drove more traffic to their website than ever before. Sitewide traffic grew by 20% and led to a 45% lift in conversions in 2022. GSP’s growth enabled them to take on new opportunities, such as partnering with a plumbing/HVAC company, Service Experts. These successes prompted GSP to plan to expand their services into five new states and launch a new signature brand EV charger and portable solar generator in 2023.

Case Study - Go Solar Power

All in all, LP made it easier for GSP to concentrate on the solar power business by stepping in and taking advertising and digital marketing off their plate.

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