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How Gorilla Dog Beds Increased Monthly Revenue By 45%

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Gorilla Dog Beds is a handcrafted, American-made dog bed company founded by dog lovers. With over 20 years of knowledge and experience, Gorilla Dog Beds uses only the highest quality, most durable materials for their dog beds. They pride themselves on the quality, safety, and toughness of their products.

Key Metrics

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Increase in February’s Monthly Revenue (2020)

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Increase in February’s Monthly Return in Investment (2020)

“Gorilla Dog Beds looks at Logical Position as a great partner and found the services they provide to be a valuable asset to the success and growth of the company. The growth we have experienced is not only from hard work but can be largely attributed to our online presence and traffic brought to our site with the services of Logical Position. In particular, our email marketing campaign has been very successful and plays a very important role in driving our performance. We look forward to our continued growth and stellar partnership with Logical Position.”

-Yoav Schroit, Owner of Gorilla Dog Beds


  • To increase open rate
  • To increase click-through rate
  • To increase traffic to the site
  • To increase average monthly revenue
Case Study - Gorilla Dog Beds


Prior to hiring Logical Position for email marketing services, Gorilla Dog Beds did not utilize marketing through emails. For optimal results, Logical Position started Gorilla Dog Beds off with a combination of manual and automated emails. This strategic approach effectively brought conversions and revenue as well as increased traffic to their site. Email marketing also allowed Gorilla Dog Beds to create an action to fall into email flows (abandoned cart, browse abandonment) while the user is on their site.


In November 2019, Gorilla Dog Beds started a partnership with Logical Position for an Ecommerce – Basic email package. Since then, they have gained $1.36 in revenue per email sent and an average of $5.77 in revenue per recipient flow.

In February 2020, just three months into their email package, Gorilla Dog Beds saw their best results yet. The primary factor that alluded to this was simply increasing their campaign deliverables from one email to two emails per month. By adding this extra newsletter email, comparing February vs. January, Gorilla Dog Beds saw a 202% increase solely from their email campaigns. The secondary factor was an increase in traffic and revenue to their email flows, bringing in an extra 15% in revenue.


January 2020
February 2020
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Increase in Open Rate

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Increase in Total Conversions

Gorilla Dog Beds saw a 45% increase in revenue, a 21% increase in average open rate, and a 35% increase in total conversations in February 2020. Gorilla Dog Beds now has an average of a 22% open rate for email campaigns and a 48% open rate for email flows. In such a short time period, email marketing has proven to be very beneficial to Gorilla Dog Beds with outstanding results. There is no slowing down for this company.

Total Placed Orders Attributed to Email Type

52 Flows
8 Campaigns

January 2020

55 Flows
29 Campaigns

February 2020

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