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How Great American Home Store New Sitewide Users By 180%

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The Great American Home Store built their furniture stores from the ground-up throughout the Memphis, Tennessee, area starting in 2004. They saw a need in the market for a furniture store with a big box selection and prices, but with local service and quality.

They are Memphis area natives and built their first home furniture store just over the border in Southaven, MS. Their stores are family-owned and operated—day in and day out. Part owned by Corinthian manufacturing in Corinth, MS, they have a factory-direct relationship that provides exceptional value to their customers every day in addition to their hometown service. The Great American Home Store loves supporting the Memphis community through a wide range of local charities and organizations. See the difference in quality and customer services by visiting one of their furniture stores throughout Memphis, Tennessee, and Southaven, Mississippi.

Key Metrics

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Increase in New Users (sitewide)

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Increase in First Page Keywords

“As a retail website manager, working with Paige and the rest of the Logical Position team has been great. Paige is insightful, cheerful, and responsive; the team consistently executes deliverables on time. The benefits of increased domain authority and ranking for targeted keywords is clearly seen even in a relatively short amount of time over the last year we have worked with them. Our strategic calls have been very helpful in coaching us on how to think about our organic approach. I’m able to track their successes through both my own tools and reports they share. Having an excellent account manager like Paige and the expert technical and creative staff writing original content for our industry has taken the time-consuming and challenging task of offsite link-building off our hands. This allowed us to stay focused on the things our team does best and also taught us a lot about optimizing on-site content. I would recommend Logical Position if you need someone to get measurable results with your on-site and off-site SEO and don’t have the internal resources to manage it effectively.”

-Justin Bowen, Digital Manager at The Great American Home Store

Case Study - Great American Home Store


  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase site speed


Over the course of this campaign, LP completed in-depth keyword research, optimized metadata, and wrote unique content locally targeted specifically to the Memphis, Tennessee, area. To help increase The Great American Home Store’s location-based keyword rankings and conversions, LP worked to optimize content and fix any technical work on a monthly basis that may have been detrimental to their organic results. Each month throughout the duration of the campaign, LP also created on-site blogs and offsite articles to help improve the site’s overall domain authority.


In January 2020, The Great American Home Store (GAHS) partnered with Logical Position for a National – Standard SEO campaign. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they had to cancel their campaign. After a few months, GAHS realized how vital LP was to their growth, and in July 2020, they partnered back up with LP for another National – Standard SEO campaign. In January 2021, they decided to upgrade their campaign package with LP to a National – Professional.

Since working together, GAHS has experienced incredible growth in numerous areas. Logical Position was able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic, and they helped GAHS continue to grow throughout the campaign. Within one year, GAHS’s keywords have grown 16% from January 2020 to January 2021 (11,920 to 13,822). When comparing first page keywords, there was an increase of 16% from January 2020 with 806 keywords to January 2021 with 938 keywords.


11,920 Keywords
176 in Top 3 Positions

January 2020

806 First Page

January 2020

13,822 Keywords
276 in Top 3 Positions

January 2021

938 First Page

January 2021

Targeted Keywords

From January 2020 to January 2021

8th 1st Position

“furniture stores in memphis tn”

2,400 searches per month

4th 1st Position

“sofas memphis tn”

30 searches per month

32nd 3rd Position

“office furniture memphis”

210 searches per month

4th 2nd Position

“sectional sofas memphis tn”

20 searches per month

36th 11th Position

“discount mattress memphis”

20 searches per month

Based on Google Analytics’ data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from January 2020 to January 2021. TGAHS saw a 151% increase of users to its site (14,690 to 36,798), a 180% increase in new users (11,504 to 32,223), and a 140% increase in sessions (20,239 to 48,528).


January 2020
January 2021
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Increase in Users

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Increase in New Users

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Increase in Sessions

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