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How Hardwoods 4 Less Achieved $400K in Revenue, Business-wide

Monthly Ad Spend: $10,000

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Hardwoods 4 Less has been selling competitively priced, quality flooring products in the southeastern region of the U.S. for over 50 years. As a no frills, direct to consumer warehouse retailer, they’ve benefited from great customer rapport and excellent industry reputation. Still, they were ready to make greater strides with their digital marketing and online presence.

Key Metrics

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Revenue Increase, Doubling Their Goal

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Conversion Rose From 109 to 266

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CPA went from $67 down to $49

Case Study - Hardwoods 4 Less

“We did our best with advertising before partnering with Logical Position, but it was time we’d rather have spent building the company. LP came in and used their experience to show us a better way to engage in advertising and marketing. At a 200% increase in revenue, the results speak for themselves!”

—Curtis Mansfield, National Sales Manager, Hardwoods 4 Less

Why Logical Position?

Before partnering with LP, Hardwoods 4 Less ran their google ads in-house with moderate success, but realized the massive potential and decided to get serious. They reached out to LP for an account audit where we set some preliminary goals to scale their account and establish accurate conversion tracking. At the time, they used a high-funnel keyword strategy with limited ad copy that resulted in low quality scores. Their broad match search terms were underperforming with very little conversion volume or high-quality leads. LP got started by unpacking past performance and closing gaps in the data capturing process to determine an effective roadmap going forward.

Our Strategy

To get started, we set up accurate conversion tracking to measure performance correctly. Then we segmented H4L’s campaigns by product type and profit margin, to better control bids for higher priced items and simultaneously prioritize high-quality traffic to their site. In the past, almost all of their conversions were coming from competitor terms or users searching for “cheap flooring”. While those are still valuable conversions, H4L really wanted to focus on quality over quantity. From there, we expanded onto Microsoft Advertising, which performs really well on desktop and typically caters to a more mature audience. With high quality traffic accounted for, we used smart bidding strategies to grow volume in low performing campaigns.

Case Study - Hardwoods 4 Less

To further drive success, we connected them with our SEO team to work on building up their organic traffic, which will passively improve ads performance, as well. Our SEO team optimized their homepage with a better user experience and conversions in mind. This drove their quality scores, and allowed us to serve ads to more relevant, well-built landing pages on the website as well to improve user experience.


Case Study - Hardwoods 4 Less

When we onboarded H4L in June 2020, we set a $200K monthly revenue target, with a stretch goal of $250K. We doubled that to $400K while bolstering conversions from 109 to 266, and reducing their cost per acquisition (CPA) by 26%, taking it from $67 to $49. Beyond revenue growth, the folks at Hardwoods 4 Less have saved countless time managing their digital strategy. The company has been free to focus on expanding their business, hiring more staff, exploring new product categories, and moving sample shipping in-house as opposed to outsourcing it, saving even more money and lowering costs for their customers.

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