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How HighSEER Saw a 47% Rise in Revenue Since 2021

Paid Search Ad Spend: $140,000
Amazon Ad Spend: $20,000
Paid Social Spend: $64,000

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Background is an online HVAC superstore owned and maintained by Parker Davis HVAC International, Inc. High SEER Parker Davis (HSPD) primarily offers Pioneer brand air conditioning and heating equipment, and Pioneer HVAC Mini Split systems, sold at factory-direct wholesale prices to every type of client—from homeowners to commercial property owners to HVAC professionals.

Key Metrics

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ROAS in 2021

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Increase in Revenue Between March 2021 & 2022

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Clicks on Email Links Since 2021

Case Study - HighSEER

“We hired Logical Position to overhaul our digital marketing efforts and implement an omnichannel strategy–which they did. LP developed a comprehensive roadmap of our various channels to account for budget efficiency across all our campaigns. We wanted to spend more on advertising, but needed to see results too. Logical Position helped us to grow our business while clearly explaining how they planned to do it.”

— Erim Gokce, National Sales Marketing Manager, Parker Davis HVAC

Why Logical Position?

Before partnering with Logical Position, HighSEER deployed a multi-product digital marketing approach, but it lacked a true omni-channel strategy. Both HighSEER & Parker Davis knew their marketing channels needed to support each other, rather than operate independently, but they didn’t know where to start. When they first onboarded with LP in 2018, conversion tracking wasn’t properly set up, which made ROAS goals impossible to target. They turned to our team to establish proper data capture and reliable reporting to better inform their strategy. This helped us understand profit margins by product, so we could help them make sound business decisions as it related to advertising spend.


HSPD had ambitious goals and high expectations!

Paid Search

10x return on ad spend (ROAS)

Drive new leads and increase impression share


25x ROAS

4x advertising cost of sale

Leverage Amazon ad placement horsepower

Email Marketing

Increase revenue & grow contact list

Drive customer engagement

Increase open rates & click rates

Paid Social

15x ROAS

Expand Pioneer Mini Splits brand awareness

Reach new audiences

Our Strategy

Paid Search

Case Study - HighSEER

Once we had proper attribution set up for the account, we benchmarked all historical data to understand profit margins by product and the keywords converting for those items. Starting at the bottom of the sales funnel, we targeted the biggest opportunities and moved up from there. With more than 514 active products, we segmented their paid search campaigns by brand name, product type, and specific functions (ex., heating or cooling units), to look for additional opportunities to scale the account while still meeting or exceeding KPIs.

By June 1, 2021, our manual campaigns maxed out their capabilities, but also established very reliable returns for the account, which included invaluable data. From there, we input that information into account automations tools to further drive growth. Initially starting with Smart Shopping, we leveraged the full Google Network through Performance Max to garner additional opportunities that manual campaigns simply can’t achieve. This is where our attribution model was vital, since without it, we could have never harnessed the extreme potential of the Google algorithm for the client.

The tandem of man and machine continues to drive sustained growth for the client and allows our team to take success on one platform to improve results elsewhere. Next up…


Since the Amazon Marketplace is similar to Google PPC—but with its own set of unique rules and features—we took the lessons learned on Google to get started. We segment their campaigns by single keyword ad groups by product type. This allowed our team to target top-performing keywords in the Amazon marketplace and eliminate wasted spend to drive more conversions for the client.


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Prior to hiring Logical Position, HighSEER didn’t leverage email marketing, which has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. LP started with a combination of manual and automated emails on the Klaviyo platform to extend lifetime value from their vast list of past purchasers and interested contacts. This strategic approach effectively brought conversions, revenue, and increased traffic to their site. Email marketing also allows them to create an action to fall into email flows (abandoned cart, browse abandonment) while the user is on their site.

Paid Social

For Pioneer HVAC Mini Split systems, LP ran Advantage+ as well as six other active campaigns for paid social:

  • Prospecting–Catalog sales
  • Prospecting Conversions
  • Mid-Funnel–Conversions
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Static remarketing–Conversions
  • Advantage+
  • Sandbox–Paused

LP split prospecting efforts into two separate campaigns with different goals: conversion and catalog sales. For catalog sales we appealed to a broader audience and employed dynamic product carousels (also known as dynamic product ads or DPAs) to expand their reach and lower costs. We used carousels for the conversion prospecting campaign too, in combination with videos, GIFs, and images.

For ad set-up, LP is currently testing a multi-advertiser feature to increase reach. We’re also at work on testing a DPA slideshow versus using standard DPA format. The slideshow resembles a GIF or video, but can take the user to multiple product pages versus a single URL.


Logical Position and HSPD’s collaboration has been fruitful. LP kept its promise of increasing ROAS without diminishing profitability. With LP the company has engaged a better advertising and marketing strategy and optimized its website, increasing sales and allowing them to hire more workers and expand their product line.

Case Study - HighSEER

Paid Search

  • From March 2018 to 2021, revenue has increased 310%, with an 18x ROAS.
  • By the first quarter of 2022, revenue rose another 50%, earning a 13x ROAS.
  • May and June are peak selling months for HSPD. Comparing the May/June period of 2021 with 2022, HSPD saw a 37% increase in revenue.


  • Comparing 2020 with 2021, LP brought in more traffic and 78% more revenue through Amazon sales.
  • Increase from 42.88x to 57.80x ROAS
  • Received almost $58 for every dollar spent on advertising

Email Marketing

  • Mailing list sign-ups have increased, doubling from 2,000 in 2021 to 4,000 in 2022
  • Email open rates have risen by 48% from 2021 to 2022
  • Clicks on email links have risen by 10,000, since 2021
  • A 47% rise in revenue, from $16.2 million to $23.9 million, from 2021 to 2022

Paid Social

  • Maintained a 15x ROAS
  • For the Sandbox campaign, we tested new video ads and found our top performer in 2023, and moved it into our regular prospecting campaign.
  • Under-performing ads in our test campaign were given a second chance and moved to Advantage+ where they’re performing very well.

We started out hot with HighSEER, and things have heated up ever since!

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