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How IronHead Roofing Achieved a 6.62% Conversion Rate

Paid Search Ad Spend: $13,000
Paid Social Ad Spend: $1,500

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IronHead Roofing specializes in providing roofing installations, replacements, and repairs in the great state of Oregon. Located in Corvallis, the company and its staff of craftspeople has offered friendly and experienced service in the region and beyond for many years. They have a personal mission to protect homes and commercial buildings from the elements while serving their clientele with first class customer service.

Key Metrics

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Case Study - Ironhead Roofing

“We’ve served the same area for many years, but there’s still room for expansion! Logical Position helped get our name out there and into the community, introducing or re-introducing us to our neighbors so we could build better business relationships and build our bottomline.”

—Paul Spies, Principal, IronHead Roofing

Why Logical Position?

Originally, principal Paul Spies handled all the marketing duties in-house, running a standard search campaign with Google Ads. Unfortunately, the campaigns didn’t provide the most accurate data, and conversion tracking was bare bones at best. Phone calls went untracked, and ads didn’t feature pain points. Wanting to spend more time roofing and less on advertising, but still wanted to scale the account. Learning about Logical Position’s track record, Paul and IronHead Roofing came on board November 1, 2018.

Our Strategy

IronHead came to us with specific goals of garnering as many leads as possible, as long as the cost per acquisition (CPA) was under $100. Previously, they used Angie’s List and paid well over that. We started with an initial ad spend between $3,500 and $4,000 per month with the understanding we could grow the account, if we kept our CPA below the target. As a region-specific business, IronHead was a bit landlocked. Most leads came through word of mouth or paid search, so we built on that. Eventually moving toward a flexible ad budget of $20K per month. This started with a heavy call-only campaign, blanketing the area and alerting the people of central Willamette Valley and along the coast to their services.

Case Study - Ironhead Roofing

We targeted specific groups to capture current demand and prospect for new leads. This included people actively looking for a roofer, followed by those who were unfamiliar with IronHead but might need their services. Phone calls were just the start. We also employed static display ads for remarketing to people who’d previously visited the site to keep them engaged with Ironhead. Additionally, we launched a smart display ad campaign in June of 2021 to let automation scale the account. This campaign went after new users who hadn’t visited the site, but encountered IronHead in through billboard ads and other forms of traditional media. We also provided them with creative materials to create their own ads to show on YouTube or anywhere else they have an affiliation.


Case Study - Ironhead Roofing

LP’s collaboration with IronHead continues to grow and thrive. Leads continue to rise with a 6.62% conversion rate. A recent website upgrade allowed us to set up form tracking, further increasing the number of trackable conversions. IronHead soared to a monthly lead volume of 200 leads per month, with a YTD total of more than a thousand new leads. Thus far, the biggest challenge has been spending the entire ad budget, which the client has steadily increased along the way.

Since partnering with LP, IronHead has seen other increases as well. They expanded within and beyond the immediate area and into new markets in Salem, Albany, Eugene, Newport, and along the coast. More business also created a need for Paul to hire a new secretary to help keep him and IronHead on task!

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