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Finding the Perfect Fit for JNCO Jeans

Paid Search Ad Spend: $21,000

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Gold Stevie Award - Marketing Campaign of the Year: Fashion & Style

Logical Position has proudly received two Gold Stevie Awards for our work showcased in this JNCO Jeans case study. One accolade was earned in the Re-Branding/Brand Renovation of the Year category, while the other recognized our excellence in the Marketing Campaign of the Year – Fashion & Style category.

As the quintessential 90’s fashion statement, JNCO Jeans achieved global phenomena status. With collaborative endorsements from the likes of Britney Spears and NSYNC to Pauly Shore and Hulk Hogan, the iconic lifestyle brand was ubiquitous within a generation. Now, as consumer perspectives on denim have evolved, JNCO needed to find a new way to capitalize on the brand’s nostalgia and reach the next generation of rabble rousers. So in 2019, they partnered with LP to grow their direct-to-consumer sales channel and reinvigorate the brand.

About JNCO Jeans

Established in 1985, JNCO cornered a dynamic blend of urban culture, sports, music, and the unconventional to create a new category in youth apparel. Today, JNCO maintains its authentic identity while embracing a progressive outlook, proudly presenting a product line that remains unmistakably JNCO Jeans, combining durability with an unapologetically distinctive aesthetic.

Case Study - JNCO Jeans

“Overall, we’re really happy with the relationship we have with Logical Position. They’ve helped our team understand the analytics side of both paid search and email marketing, to enable a full-funnel strategy that’s yielding great returns.”

— Camilla Revah, VP of JNCO Jeans

JNCO Account Objectives

Leverage Google Shopping profitably

Target non-branded search terms

Segment their campaigns by category and product type

Extend customer lifetime value

Paid Search Segmentation

Our team started by segmenting their campaigns by category and product type to understand the cost per acquisition and profitability by sector. Ultimately, this informed our bidding strategy by affording our team to be more aggressive on viable opportunities and pull back on less popular products. From there, we used targeted search terms within Google Shopping campaigns to occupy all of the digital shelf-space for our client and drive out any posers hoping to ride JNCO’s coattails.

Maximizing Performance

Once we had reliable account data in our back pocket, we leveraged performance insights from our manual build to implement campaign parameters within Google’s automation software. By leveraging the PMAX platform with the proper checks and balances in place, our campaigns reached new opportunities at scale. What that means is, we exceeded our client KPIs while still keeping top of funnel traffic flowing to their website and attracting new interest from potential buyers. Let’s face it: the ’90s were rad, so it was easy for our team of creatives and analysts to draw up a strategy to evoke that sentiment.

PPC Results

Ad-Attributed Revenue

$1.2M $800K $400K $0
2020 2021 2022 2023
JNCO - PPC Results 2


Revenue Growth YoY


e-Blast From the Past

With brand building and customer acquisition all buttoned up, we shifted focus to remarketing and building lifetime customer value through email automations. Our team revamped the aesthetic of JNCO’s email deliverables to resonate with their target demographic of 18–35-year-olds. From there, we segmented their 72,000 contacts into buckets that would help improve our sender’s reputation to ensure our emails hit the desired inboxes and avoided the dreaded junk mail and spam filters. This enabled JNCO to cross-sell additional items and re-engage shoppers who didn’t finalize their orders. Additionally, to continue growing their distribution list and bring it full circle, we featured a promotional form capture on their website that offered a 15% discount for signups. As such, we’ve accumulated enough contacts to roll out the next phase of our direct outreach: SMS messaging, which will keep JNCO top of mind with their loyal brand advocates.

Email Results

JNCO - Email Results 1


Increase in Email Attributed Revenue

JNCO - Email Results 2


In Added Cart Value via Bundles and Cross-Sells

JNCO - Email Results 3


Higher Form Submission Rate Than Industry Standard

JNCO - Email Results 4


Increase in Email-Attributed Site Traffic

Once A Star, Always A Threat

JNCO’s resurgence in the digital sphere, under LP management, reflects a successful fusion of nostalgic charm with contemporary digital expertise. The seamless integration of JNCO’s unique brand identity with modern marketing strategies not only reinforced their position as a pioneering brand but also solidified their youthful relevance in the dynamic landscape of current e-commerce trends.

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