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How Little Obsessed Increased Their Revenue By 197%

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Little Obsessed loves decorative items that individuals can proudly display around their house. At Little Obsessed, they are passionate about small unique gifts to use and display in any setting and situation. If you are like them, you want to fill all the small spaces in your home with something unique, special, and fun. Little Obsessed is always increasing their small unique gift selection and entertaining accessories. Plus, they frequently receive new products.

When looking for the perfect little gift online, their inventory extends into every facet of the home and allows you to give the perfect small, unique gift that will hold a big meaning in a loved one’s life. Small items make the perfect gifts, and with Little Obsessed, you can find everything you need to buy home decor online. Little Obsessed makes its products fun for the whole family.

Key Metrics

Little Obsessed - Key Metric 1


Increase in Revenue with Google Ads

Little Obsessed - Key Metric 2


Increase in Return on Ad Spend with Paid Social Advertising

Little Obsessed - Key Metric 3


Increase in New Site Users

“A few years after starting our business, we decided to switch SEO and online marketing companies to see if we could spark some movement and improvement with our sales and get more visibility into what was working for us and what was not. We were weary and had high expectations of Logical Position, and they did not disappoint! After some great initial recommendations from our LP team and major improvements to our strategies with PPC, social media, SEO keywords, and website content, we had significant growth in our first year together. We were impressed with their professionalism and expertise and they really listened to how we wanted to be represented in the marketplace. We have grown in leaps and bounds in our current second year with Logical Position, and we are very excited to see where we’ll be at the end of it. I feel LP is focused on our success, and we are super pleased and happy with our LP partnership!“

– Susan Natale, Owner of Little Obsessed


  • To increase overall organic targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase site speed
Case Study - Little Obsessed

SEO Approach

To ensure the SEO campaign started off on the right foot, LP provided keyword research, created metadata, and wrote relevant and unique content for Little Obsessed’s main category pages. Each month throughout the course of the campaign, LP optimized high traffic category pages with relevant keywords and completed website technical work to help accomplish the client’s goals. Additionally, LP wrote consistent on-site blogs and offsite pieces to help improve the site’s domain authority and increase its overall organic presence.

SEO Results

Little Obsessed is a great example of how the longevity of SEO can transform a business. Little Obsessed initially hired Logical Position for 10 hours of SEO Consulting in May 2018. Then in July 2018, they upgraded to a National – Intermediate SEO campaign. They have consistently seen incredible growth in several areas of their business. By hiring LP for ongoing SEO services, Little Obsessed has been able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic and continue to grow throughout the duration of the campaign.

Regarding keyword growth, comparing November 2018 to November 2020, Little Obsessed keyword rankings have increased by 623% (1,119 to 8,086). When comparing the first-page keyword rankings, there was an increase of 932%. In November 2019, they had 81 first-page keywords, and in November 2020, they had 836 first page keywords.


1,119 Keywords
13 in Top 3 Positions

November 2018

81 First Page

November 2018

3,338 Keywords
67 in Top 3 Positions

November 2019

353 First Page

November 2019

8,086 Keywords
158 in Top 3 Positions

November 2020

863 First Page

November 2020

Targeted Keywords

From November 2018 to November 2020

Not Ranking 1st Position

“small unique gifts”

110 searches per month

November 2018 = Not Ranking
November 2019 = 2nd position
November 2020 = 1st position

Not Ranking 8th Position

“mini stocking stuffers”

110 searches per month

November 2018 = Not Ranking
November 2019 = 69th position
November 2020 = 8th position

7th 1st Position

“little gifts”

590 searches per month

November 2018 = 7th position
November 2019 = 6th position
November 2020 = 1st position

Not Ranking 4th Position

“mini toys”

4,400 searches per month

November 2018 = Not Ranking
November 2019 = Not Ranking
November 2020 = 4th position

Based on Google Analytics’ data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from November 2018 to November 2020. Little Obsessed saw a 602% increase in new users to their site (1,704 to 12,222), a 587% increase in sessions (2,153 to 14,789), an 847% increase in transactions (49 to 464), and an increase of over 1,000% in total revenue.


Little Obsessed - SEO Analytics 1


Increase in New Users

Little Obsessed - SEO Analytics 2


Increase in Sessions

Little Obsessed - SEO Analytics 3


Increase in Transactions

Little Obsessed - SEO Analytics 4


Increase in Revenue

Paid Search Goals

  • To see the highest volume of conversions possible as long as the ads were above a 6x ROAS to ensure a specific level of profitability
  • To drive more users to the website through Google and Microsoft Ads
  • To continue to grow their eCommerce business through Google and Microsoft Ads

Paid Search Approach

Depending on the demand at any given time to accommodate the clicks and buying intent available, Logical Position adjusted Little Obsessed’s ad spend to go up or down accordingly. LP’s Google Ad’s strategy included Search, Shopping, and Display ads to help meet their goals. Another important part was distinguishing products with the highest potential for sustainably generating sales. LP also started showing ads on Microsoft to take advantage of another platform.

Case Study - Little Obsessed

Paid Search Results

Little Obsessed has been pleased with the growth they have seen in sales while working with Logical Position since May 2018. Steadily increasing sales at a profitable level, along with adapting to changes in business model and world events, have allowed them to grow their operation. Comparing November 2018 to November 2020, there was a 197% increase in revenue without seeing diminishing returns/significant drop in ROAS.


Little Obsessed - PPC Analytics 1


Increase in Google
Ads Spend

Little Obsessed - PPC Analytics 2


Increase in Total Spend

Little Obsessed - PPC Analytics 3


Increase in Google

Little Obsessed - PPC Analytics 4


Increase in Total

Little Obsessed - PPC Analytics 5


Increase in Revenue

Paid Social Goal

  • To continue to grow their business through their social media presence
Case Study - Little Obsessed

Paid Social Approach

To accomplish Little Obsessed’s goal of breaking even, Dynamic remarketing was a great fit for this eCommerce business due to the fact they had a large product catalog and inventory. Dynamic remarketing uses images and information from the data feed to show relevant products to the people who have already been to the site. It also shows interest in certain products rather than creating an ad for each product individually. Currently, LP is retargeting people who have viewed or added Little Obsessed’s products to their cart but did not complete the purchase in the last 14 days. Since having this account, LP has experimented with different windows for retargeting for Little Obsessed and has found that a 3-day and 14-day period work best together. At the beginning of the campaign, the account was really low but grew exponentially over time.

Paid Social Results

Little Obsessed started with Logical Position for a Remarketing campaign package in June of 2018. Below is the data comparing November 2018 and November 2020. While having LP as a partner, Little Obsessed has achieved a substantial 91% increase in their return on ad spend (ROAS), improving to 12.59 in November of 2020 from a 6.6 in November of 2018. This was accomplished from purchases rising from 30 to 59 (an increase of 97%) in November 2018.

Little Obsessed - PS Key Metric 1


Increase in ROAS

Little Obsessed - PS Key Metric 2


Increase in Purchases

In regard to impressions, Little Obsessed saw an increase of 72% with 15,536 in November of 2020 compared to November of 2018, which garnered 9,037. The remarketing campaign strategy accumulated 847 link clicks compared to November 2018 which received 498. Other notable metrics included Landing Page Views (LPV) with an increase of 81% and Add to Cart (ATC) events totaling 457 in November of 2020 compared to 290 in November of 2018.

These increased results are more substantial when we compare the amount spent. In November of 2018, we spent $198.68 and increased that amount by 0.58% in November of 2020, making the total amount spent for that month $199.84. Even with the 2020 eCommerce market being impacted, the performance of Little Obsessed is truly impressive.


Little Obsessed - PS Analytics 1


Increase in Impressions

Little Obsessed - PS Analytics 2


Increase in Link Clicks

Little Obsessed - PS Analytics 3


Increase in Ad to Carts

Little Obsessed - PS Analytics 4


Increase in Landing
Page Views

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