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How Mad Viking Saw A 317% Increase In Revenue

Paid Search Monthly Ad Spend: $6,000
Paid Social Monthly Ad Spend: $10,000
Amazon Monthly Ad Spend: $1,500

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Mad Viking Beard Company sells viking-inspired beard care and men’s grooming products. While many of their products are geared for men with beards, they also sell shampoo and conditioner, grooming tools, and a selection of branded apparel. The company has a superb customer service team that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they even started a loyalty program to hook their customers up with rewards. Mad Viking has become so popular in recent years that they’ve started Beard Clubs, with different chapters all over the world to raise money for charity.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue from Paid Search

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Increase in Revenue from Paid Social

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Additional Revenue from Paid Social

Why’d They Come to LP?

Mad Viking’s owner had tried working with several digital marketing agencies, but was never satisfied with performance or the interactions he was having with the agencies. The owner didn’t feel like any agency he had worked with was communicating with him enough, and felt like they didn’t understand the Mad Viking brand well enough. After hearing positive feedback about Logical Position’s (LP’s) transparency with our clients, he decided to partner with us. He hoped we’d be able to do a better job managing our relationship and speaking to his customer base.

What Strategy Was Used?

Mad Viking’s owner gave our team a flexible budget to work with in order to give our campaigns the greatest chance of success. We built search, shopping, and display campaigns to capture consumers searching in different areas of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). In our search and shopping campaigns, we used Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) and Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) to segment each keyword or product into an individual ad group. This build style gives our team greater visibility into which products are converting, which allows us to shift budget according to the top-performing products. Our display campaigns work alongside search and shopping to remarket to consumers who have visited Mad Viking’s website but haven’t made a purchase yet.

Case Study - Mad Viking Beard Company

As our campaigns started gaining traction, our team decided to expand our digital marketing reach. Mad Viking started using our paid social prospecting product, which runs ads on Facebook and Instagram. Our team used photos from the Mad Viking website to create animations and short videos that featured unique ad copy.

Our Facebook and Instagram campaigns rely on having different types of audiences to target. Our team created lookalike audiences and segmented them based on the buyer’s journey. Our high-funnel audience targeted people based on their interests (for example, facial hair and facial grooming products). Another high-funnel audience was created using data from the Facebook pixel, which created an audience based on people visiting the Mad Viking website. Our third high-funnel audience was created from Mad Viking’s email listserv. Our mid-funnel audience was focused on customers further along the buyer’s journey; we created an audience based on people who have engaged with the Mad Viking Facebook page. Finally, our lifetime value-audience was made up of people who have made a purchase on the Mad Viking website before.

Case Study - Mad Viking Beard Company

What Were the Results

In our first month working with Mad Viking, revenue from paid search increased by 27%. LP’s campaigns typically take a few months to really get going; it takes Google a while to adjust to the new ads and recalibrate the algorithms properly. In a month-over-month (MoM) comparison of our first month working together versus that month the following year, paid search revenue increased by 187% and Mad Viking’s total sitewide sales were up 90%. In one year, paid search generated 134,000 new users on the website.

Case Study - Mad Viking Beard Company

Our paid social campaigns were equally successful. In the first year working with us, Mad Viking’s revenue increased by 317% and transactions increased by 322%. When Mad Viking was managing paid social, they earned $27,000 in revenue in one year—we were able to earn over $115,000 the following year. Brand awareness increased considerably too, with new users on the Mad Viking website up 347%—equating to 58,000 people!

We’re mad about advertising here at LP.

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