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How Master Medical Equipment Saw a 79% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

Google Ads: $30,000
Microsoft Ads: $10,000

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Founded in 2011, Master Medical Equipment has grown into a multimillion-dollar distributor of new and recertified medical equipment, specializing in AEDs, defibrillators, and ventilators. MME has made the Inc. 5000 list five years running, with 258% three-year company growth, by investing in continuous improvements to their acquisition strategy and customer flywheel.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Return on Ad Spend

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Increase in Conversions

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Increase in Average Order Value

“UXO Consulting helped our marketing team identify specific areas on our website that were causing friction for buyers and hindering online sales. Their in-depth report concisely offered user feedback and specific, data-driven changes for our team. Upon implementing the majority of Logical Position’s recommendations, we quickly saw a marked uptick in engagement, conversions, and revenue.”

—Josh Kasper | Director of Marketing, Master Medical Equipment

Case Study - Master Medical Equipment


  • Increase Customer Acquisitions at a Lower CPA
  • Drive Higher ROAS to Fund Growth
  • Quicken Flywheel Through Sustainable Growth
  • Increase AOV Through More Valuable Sales


MME is building a medical empire, creating a family of brands in equipment distribution, service contracts, financing, technician training, and white-label products. At the center of this ever-expanding flywheel is, which sells new and recertified medical equipment to commercial buyers. Their strategy hinges on sustainably acquiring customers through this site and growing their lifetime value through sales of additional products and services through their other brands. UXO Consulting focused on increasing the rate at which MME acquired customers while lowering the CPA and increasing the return on ad spend for initial acquisitions.

Case Study - Master Medical Equipment


UXO Consulting conducted extensive research on’s target demographics and key competitors. This data informed usability testing, heat mapping segments, and competitor monitoring that helped identify areas of opportunity in improving the on- and off-site user experience.

Case Study - Master Medical Equipment

Based on feedback from the target demographics, UXO recommended a number of changes to the layout and content of the MME site: the home page experience was updated to create more obvious next steps for high-value users and highlight priority product categories and items; product category pages were updated to offer more relevant info without requiring additional steps in the conversion flow; and product pages were updated to highlight priority information and offer multiple ways to convert.

Since the recommendations were implemented, site traffic and transactions have scaled 13% over the previous period while average order value has increased 38%. To account for any seasonality in results, comparing the year-over-year results shows a 34% increase in ecommerce conversion rate with 78% higher revenue for the same period sitewide.

As the UXO and PPC results are closely linked, the PPC-specific results are even more compelling. Period over period, the ads spent 15% more and increased their revenue by 79%, marking a 52% increase in return on ad spend of $40k/month. Year over year, the ads spent 25% more, increased acquisitions 41%, and improved return on ad spend by 76%, all at the same time.

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