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How Mitty Supply Generated Over $100K In Revenue From Google Ads In One Year

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Mitty Supply provides cow and goat milking machinery for small and medium sized farms. The company’s focus on easy-to-use and fairly-priced products has set them apart from their competitors. Plus, the company offers free shipping, enticing more customers to buy from them and driving up their sales.

Key Metrics

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Generated for Every $1 Spent on Advertising

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Generated Revenue Year-Over-Year Growth

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Revenue from Google Ads in One Year

Mitty Supply initially started their company by selling two separate product lines: milking machinery and carburetors for the machinery. All of the marketing they were doing was being done in-house, and not much was being done in the digital space. The company’s owners knew about Google Ads, but didn’t have the time to learn such a complicated platform and figured it wouldn’t make that much of a difference in sales, anyway. But as time went by, competition in the farming equipment sector increased. Mitty Supply, once a fierce competitor in their industry, began to lose out on sales to companies investing in digital marketing. That’s when the idea to work with a digital marketing agency was formed.

Mitty Supply’s owner got in touch with Logical Position (LP), and a partnership was born. The company’s goals were simple enough: to increase revenue and drive overall business growth. Since the company had never run Google Ads before, we looked at their profit margins to help us decide what to focus on. The milking machinery had higher profit margins, while the carburetors only had a 3% profit margin! We focused our Google Ads efforts on the milking machinery, and advised Mitty Supply to stop selling the carburetors, which instantly increased their revenue.

Case Study - Mitty Supply

“Logical Position knows my product, understands how Google Ads works, and identifies opportunities for me. You feel like they’re a part of your business, it’s like having your own digital marketing team in your company. They give you results, and at the end of the day, that’s what everybody wants to see.”

-Lil, Co-Owner of Mitty Supply

What Strategy Was Used?

LP used a mix of search, shopping, and display campaigns to create a custom digital marketing strategy that worked for Mitty Supply. In creating our search campaigns, we focused on hypertargeted machinery brand name search queries to zero in on consumers looking to buy. Our shopping ads gave Mitty Supply a new way to advertise— through product listings found in the shopping tab on Google. This had been a major missed opportunity for Mitty Supply, and helped to bring in sales they’d previously been losing out on entirely. Finally, our display campaigns re-engaged website traffic that hadn’t made a purchase yet, which further helped in driving up revenue.

What Was Achieved?

Over the course of one year, Google Ads has generated an additional $105,703.89 in revenue for Mitty Supply— an increase of over 1000% year over year— all which wouldn’t have been possible without using paid search. The company saw such good results they decided to start on Microsoft Advertising as well. In the last six months, Mitty Supply has spent a combined $5,928.43 on both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, and generated $34,790.72 in revenue. That means that for every $1 spent on advertising, Mitty Supply made $5.87 back!

What Was the Partnership Like During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Even in the wake of recent events related to COVID-19, the LP team has been able to pivot and drive growth for Mitty Supply. In a comparison of March 2019 to March 2020, Mitty Supply had 48 additional conversions, $23,233.26 in additional revenue, and a $20 higher return on ad spend. In a time when many businesses are faltering, LP helped Mitty Supply’s business survive the crisis, and in turn Mitty Supply helped farms nationwide continue their food production.

Launching Google Ads through a partnership with Logical Position has been one of the best business decisions Mitty Supply has made. The company has been having a record year for sales and attributes a large part of that to LP.

One thing we can all get behind? Growing a business through real results.

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