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How Mountain Rose Herbs Generated Over 5 Million New Sitewide Users

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Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH) is a zero-waste grower, processor, and distributor of sustainably sourced herbs and botanicals. Based in Eugene, Oregon, the herb company sells a wide range of teas, essential oils, and aromatherapy products. Founded in 1987, MRH’s USDA Organic certification and Non-GMO verification has made them a wildly successful choice for tea drinkers nationwide, and the company has expanded rapidly since its inception. MRH places a great deal of emphasis on following ethical guidelines for wild harvesting; combined with their attentive customer service team, this is a company that knows the recipe for a great business.

Mountain Rose Herbs’ marketing department was responsible for generating brand awareness and identifying ways to drive sales. The department tended to focus most of its time on general marketing strategies, and didn’t have the time to dig deep into paid search—which is how the partnership with Logical Position (LP) developed. MRH had a slightly unusual goal when they signed up with us: they wanted us to help manage their growth, by helping them not grow too quickly. Since MRH is Certified Organic, each product they offer has to meet certain qualifications; to achieve this they bottle and package everything at their processing plant. Consequently, their processing time is slightly slower than average—and if they grow too quickly, they’ll become inundated with too many orders that they won’t be able to properly fulfill.

Key Metrics

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5.25 million

New Users

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Back for Every $1 Spent on Advertising

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$3.5 million

Increase in Sales in One Year

Our paid search team invented several distinctive strategies to meet MRH’s goal of growing their business (but not growing too quickly). Since MRH is already a household name, we decided not to run any branded advertising on Google Ads (keywords such as “Mountain Rose Herbs”), because it would bring in too much volume and ultimately too many orders to fulfill. We reallocate the money we would’ve spent on branded ads and put it toward testing out other ideas, such as Remarketing campaigns and Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs). Next, our team focused on generating greater awareness about MRH’s essential oils and aromatherapy products. To do this, we sent traffic from our advertising to MRH’s blog, as opposed to the product itself. This serves to boost brand awareness while still driving revenue at a reasonable rate.

Once our paid search campaigns on Google got off the ground, it was time to expand our efforts to Microsoft Advertising. MRH’s initial goal was to see at least a 2x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) on Bing. We ran similar paid search strategies on Google and Bing, except for one key difference: we were able to run branded ads on Bing. The Bing platform has more competition, so we wanted to run branded ads that were focused on educating consumers, in order to better build MRH’s brand.

Case Study - Mountain Rose Herbs

So much of the strategy that goes into our paid search efforts is about figuring out the little nuances—what small tweaks will make the biggest difference, how to scale most effectively—and MRH’s marketing department would have never had the time to dive deep like this.

Mountain Rose Herbs’ results have been nothing short of incredible. In 2019, MRH spent $315,000 on Google Ads—and made $3.5 million in revenue. For every $1 the essential oils company spent on advertising, they made $11 back, with a total of 38,548 conversions from paid search. Microsoft Advertising has been equally successful—we’ve far surpassed MRH’s goal of a 2x, and in 2019 we have a 70x ROAS—that’s $70 back for every $1 spent on advertising. We’ve also kept up with MRH’s original goal of driving brand awareness, with their website seeing 5.25 million new users in 2019, all thanks to paid search.

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