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Leveraging Omnichannel Strategies to Diversify Web Traffic

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Growing new acquisitions can be a challenge for any contractor looking to build their clientele. Couple that with a highly competitive landscape design market in Las Vegas and it’s understandable why similar businesses are intimidated by attempting a full funnel attribution model. Here’s how we helped NV Landscaping & Hardscaping connect with more property owners to produce a reliable source of inbound leads.

Expanding the Toolkit

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As previously covered, we started NV Landscaping & Hardscaping on our Local SEO package back in April 2021, to achieve higher visibility for queries in their immediate market. (Hint: it worked!) With proven success, we shifted focus to paid search campaigns to complement our organic efforts. The overarching goal was driving more branded and non-branded traffic to their site. However, since NV Landscaping & Hardscaping had no prior pay-per-click experience, our team started by baselining overall site performance, so we could measure impact.

Designing a Winning Strategy

Similar to our SEO strategy, we created unique PPC campaigns for each service NV Landscaping & Hardscaping offered to isolate success and determine the best lead source for the business. These included location-based ad targets to control budget and optimize spend. We pushed for higher bids on more competitive keywords (ie pavers or artificial turf), which produced more qualified leads. By segmenting the campaigns this way, we were able to target affluent zip-codes and push the footprint of their business into new areas. Our final step to rounding out the omnichannel strategy for the client is launching paid social campaigns to support their prospecting efforts and leverage the tremendous potential of remarketing through Meta’s business suite. This additional layer will continue diversifying traffic sources to their website.

Tips To Achieve Similar Results

Determine Traffic Source: Review your website analytics top to bottom and understand the user journey. In order to drive new users to your site, work on improving your lowest performing lead source.

Identify Target CPA: Knowing what cost per acquisition your business and marketing efforts can sustain, is vital to long term success.

Omnichannel Roadmap: Your goal should always be to develop coordination between your marketing channels. Even if merely aspirational, it’s worth your while to envision the role of each platform you leverage and how they support one another.

Business Footprint: In local lead generation campaigns, start by analyzing which areas you’re effectively generating business from and geographical targets to go after.

KPIs Achieved:

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Budget Increase

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Conversion rate

Hard Work Pays Off

When collaboration comes easy, so do the results. Between emails, phone calls and online bookings, NV Landscaping & Hardscaping has filled out the entirety of their scheduling calendar with additional clients. This has resulted in hiring more staff to handle the uptick in business and driving their trajectory to new heights. With more than 644 conversions so far, they are averaging 23 new clients per month at a $62 average CPA, which makes their ad campaigns both effective and sustainable to the bottomline.

If your business is looking to drive more website traffic and generate additional leads, reach out for a complimentary, no-obligation, account audit and campaign review!

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